Backs against the Wall

We must beat Tulane to have ANY chance at winning the West.

Lose, and both Tulane (2 conference losses ) and SMU (2 or 3 conference losses) hold the tiebreaker on Houston (3 conference losses).

Win, and Houston (2 conference losses) holds the tiebreaker on Tulane (3 conference losses) and only needs to beat Memphis and have SMU lose to Tulsa or Memphis in order to win the West.


My confidence of doing anything the remainder of the season is pretty close to rock bottom.


Good news: Temple was likely the best of the 3 teams that were left on the schedule.

Bad News: This defense is not in good shape.

I hope Tulane is worse than I think and we can keep hope alive going into Memphis. And don’t count Memphis out yet: Tulane owns the tie-breaker with them but Memphis can hang a 3rd loss on UH and SMU and then only need Tulane to lose @ UH and to Navy to get to 4 losses.


Our backs were against the wall last week when we still controlled our own destiny. Now we need other teams to lose and us to win. More confident in the first part of that sentence than the second.

Memphis will win the west.


Yep, Memphis has improved through the year and have the top rusher in the nation .


Playing UCF should be great for recruiting.

You think Navy and UH will beat Tulane? That is what Memphis needs along with winning out.

We’re toast.

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