Bad omen

I was at yesterdays game against that team from Philadelphia. With the game being on ESPN, lots of fans in Philly were watching and Mattress Mac leads a cheer (remember the cussing in Philly). Then the announcer introduces Astros coach Dusty Baker. Then Astros pitcher Ryan Pressly. I’ve never seen the last two there or heard them introduced before (though it may have happened).
Just the motivation those players from the Philly area needed. Rub it in their face. It almost seemed scripted and bizarre to me and a bad omen.

The few people in Philly that do give a damn about Temple basketball probably thought it was a little bit sweeter to beat HOUSTON & #1 at the same time.


I’ll trade the 1-pt regular season loss for a WORLD SERIES every day of the week! :grin:

But yeah, I definitely thought it was “F*** PHILLY” day with all the Astros introductions… But as the game went on it was more “F*** ME!”