Banding together to out-vote Sankey in a new constitution

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You know, it sounds like the SEC needs an alliance of Autonomous leagues and schools to blunt the ACC, B1G, and Pac 12 alliance. Now clearly there is one Autonomous Conference the SEC could align with, the Big 12, but I think they would need one more Autonomous Conference to even things out…the obvious choice would be the AAC, but what would be needed in a legislative process to give the AAC Autonomous status?

? Again?

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Again? What? Has the AAC attempted Autonomous status before? And if so what happened, how close did they get and where was the opposition?

No I was wondering why Timothy was opening the same thread. ?

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Am I missing something? What makes a conference autonomous and another not?

To me it seems an auto bid to a new yrs six bcs bowl and an auto bid for our conf once the playoffs happen.Right now we have to fight off other G5’s to get the bid which isn’t auto bid.

The 5 power conferences were designated Autonomous conferences around ‘14 or ‘15. Basically, the 5 conferences can create and vote on their own regulations and policy outside of the NCAA. The remaining conferences (G5s) have the option to adopt the policies or not. That is my understanding but you can look up the details elsewhere.
So, basically further cemented the power 5 ability to negotiate media rights etc.
I don’t know if there is a path for a G5 to become Autonomous, so while a lot of people in this board talk about the AAC absorbing and dissolving the B12, I am of the opinion that the B12 should be preserved and take in the top of the AAC and others (BYU, Boise St) to preserve the autonomous designation of the conference. I think that would give us, if we were to join the B12, a seat at the P5 table

The thing is if any merger between the Big XII/AAC is going to take place in any form, it needs to happen soon. The B1G, ACC, and, PAC-12 are already in discussions. The Big XII is looking at relegation to the G6.

TBH, I really don’t see a majority, maybe none, of the remaining Big XII going anywhere. The other P5 conference are moving forward while the Big XII is issuing cease and desist orders to ESPN. Bowlsby is the captain of the Titanic, ignoring the iceberg warnings. Granted, a lot of this is done behind closed doors and we don’t see a lot of it, but it doesn’t seem like a lot is coming out of the Big XII offices these days. I don’t think prayer and fasting is working…


I don’t get the love for Boise State. It is a general admission school on level with UH-Downtown. They are a pretty good football team with a school not a school with a pretty good team.


I tip my hat to this new constitution but I promise to not get fooled again.


The kids graduating from UHD are getting a good education, as are the kids at BSU. UHD is a teaching college, not a research one. Math is math, physics are the same, and so are literature, history, and the other subjects. I have worked with engineers from colleges all over the country, and world for that matter, and some of the best were from colleges not highly rated. Heck, Lamar and La Tech have put out some really good ones I’ve worked with. It depends more on the drive and desire of the student to learn than the ranking of the school.


The PAC, AAC and BIG are associations of research universities that sponsor athletics. They are not going to invite Boise State no mater how good of an undergraduate school it is.

Some schools are easy to get into, but hard to get out.

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My mistake. Trying to learn how the buttons work

No worries.

C’mon Man! The University of Houston-Downtown Office of Research and Sponsored Programs vehemently disagrees.

Fine…whichever combo of schools that includes us lol

Boise St was good enough for the Big East to include them in expansion before the conference fell apart…oh wait

So, how much research is UHD doing, what are they researching, and what kind of research budget do they have?

You’re the engineer, figure it out.