Banning posters but

The rules are to ban posters if they post about politics. Fine then let me ask you all this following question:
Why is houstoncoogster not banned for posting pro-ccp and pro genocide putin posts?
He has posted countless posts about these two dictatorships.
He has never responded to any posters about the genocides/atrocities that these countries have inflected on their own people. We all know that hundreds of millions of people were killed by these dictators. Today tens of millions of Chinese citizens are on lock down unable to leave their apartment by fear of getting thrown in jail.
Millions of uyghurs are in ccp concentration camps.
A dictator is killing infants, women and elderly citizens in Ukraine.
Coogfans is allowing houstoncoogster to post these kind of BS posts?


You’ll have to Elon Musk Coogfans, then you can release the Coogfans algorithm

From the man himself:

Now are you to believe it a tiny bit about these “manipulated” algorithms? Just maybe?

which the tech company has said was a mistake and corrected within 24 hours.

Come on, admit it, there is no there there.
Grow a little today :slight_smile:

This is Musk’s opinion over what constitutes a strong left wing bias. His opinion gets more attention, especially after the bid for Twitter. That doesn’t mean he’s right or that he’ll be able to unilaterally decide who and what gets posted. We will see. If the deal completes.

I have a simple test, if it’s to the left of me, it’s totally biased to the left. If it’s to the right of me, it is totally biased right. If it is within reason of me*, it’s fair and balanced.

  • I am the arbiter of what is within reason of me.
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Don’t worry other poster Elon is going to expose what the previous mgt has been doing manupilating books/algorithms. That is in his best business interests. That is why current employees are in their quintuple latte starsucks recycled soja cup.

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