Barry Switzer(OU) & B12 Expansion

I hope this attitude doesn’t hurt us.

“(Stoops) lost to two teams - hell, Houston beats everybody,” Switzer said. "They were 13-1 last year, weren’t they? It’d be a hell of a mistake if the Big 12 allows them to come in. They’ve got better players in Harris County than anywhere else in the United States.
“You give them credibility like you did TCU (and) let them out of that Mountain something West league and give them credibility, they’ll be recruiting the same players (that) Texas, Oklahoma and everybody else is recruiting. And they’ll get them, too. Right now, they don’t get the same players. But they still get enough good ones.”

They’re already aware.

Maybe the next “go fund me” campaign should be to send Oklahoma athletic depts. the Vagisil they so desperately need.


Once a dumbass always a dumbass.

I still think if the Big 12 doesn’t expand and take us (and now there’s a part of me that hopes they don’t after watching this dumpster fire for so long), we are in prime position to be scooped up by another P5. Other conferences who don’t have a footprint in Texas or want a bigger one will not be scared of our recruiting or on-the-field capabilities. It’s just a matter of time. I just really hope Fertitta and Khator can hold on to Herman long enough to see that to fruition.


Good thing is that coaches don’t really matter in the decision making and ex-coaches especially don’t.

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Back in the late 70’s Switzer had an inappropriate relationship with the wife of one of his assistants. Assistant coach was named Larry something or other. Anyhow bumper stickers were produced that said, “Barry’s got in for Larry.”

The very things that are seen as a negative from the Big 12’s perspective (i.e. Texas market, competitive team/teams) are positives for any other P5 conference. For some reason, I am starting to feel like we may just end up in the ACC.

Dang. CoogBoog’s psychic may be the real deal.

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Did someone forget to feed Switzer his pablum in that old folks home he is residing … suffering from no doubt … dementia

that or

his “wishbone” got stuck in his throat … instead of on the playing field …

Someone needs to tell those Okies that all that salt is unhealthy for em.

What you should hope for is continued passion for the football program from fans and recruits and that it translates into spending on facilities for two more years while P5 conferences deliberate whether or not to take UH.

If Herman leaves, he leaves. He’s a big time coach and the whole world sees it. He’s put us back into the national conversation but Yurachek isn’t doing his job if he doesn’t have a few big time coordinators in mind the can come in here and not miss a beat.

This is right on. It may not make perfect sense for the B12, but to every other conference, there is a lot to offer.

At what point does keeping a university like UH, that obviously belongs in a P5, out of a P5 conference start to infringe on anti-trust laws? Especially, when the only justification for keeping UH out is that they’ll have one of the better athletics programs in the conference.

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He is just another scared sob, folks

Friends, why are you surprised?
He expresses the same sentiment that ALL of the P5 teams that have access to the greater Houston area. This is, was and always has been about recruiting. Remember the rants that the trolls had on that other website (they probably still do) trying to prove to you that UH is no good and will never amount to anything?
IMO, this entire expansion discussion has to be summed up with one question. Whose P5 best interest is to let us in? We will have different answers. I have three.
small12, our inclusion limits the SEC taking hold in Texas but every member wants us out…catch22 you can say.
SEC, cement FOREVER Texas. Being the third most popular Team in Texas sums it up. In case it happens I believe that uta will either go independent or crawl to the PAC12. Just think of the impact to OU or OSU. Yes, it would be devastating to them.
PAC12, finally play at a decent hour when everyone watches. You include uta and a couple others and it will at least be on par with the BIG10.
ACC, great addition to them but the logistics are against our inclusion. Who is our nearest rival? Yes, you could include uta and a few others but the logistics are still against it.
Switzer only expresses 99% of the feeling that our neighbors have. At least he is honest about it.

While older Coogs know who Switzer is, the OP needed to put OU next to his name in the title, so how relevant is he?

Relevant or not, he remembers the Yeoman teams of the past and knows what we are capable of today.

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I’m too young to remember him being a good coach at OU, and old enough to remember him being a shitty coach for the Cowboys.

Amen. And to think that Chuck Fairbanks was on Yeoman’s staff and his kid played for UH. Lotta history there with OU.

Every P5 Team is afraid of what UH can become. That is why we are where we are. I/we have always mentioned it. We can be the #1 program in the nation year after year. Do you think Alabama is dominant? I wholeheartedly believe that we would beat them on a regular basis.
We should applaud switzer. Just think for a moment what his words mean? That’s right, HE IS AFRAID BEYOND BELIEF.

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