Battlefield 2042

What a $h!t arse game. It should be called BattleCOD 2042 or Apexfield 2042. Sooooo much catering to those sh#t franchises and their lemming fans. I blame EA. They are so desperate to monetize the Battlefirld franchise and fans it’s shameful. Already ruined Star Wars with that crap, now going after Battlefield community. Sad.

Gone is the class system which helped make Battlefield unique replaced by a crappy specialist option. No scoreboard at the end of matches and just glitchy as hell. F this game. Don’t pay full price for this crap. Wait until the patches come out.

Foooooooook EA!!!

A few years ago my gf bought me the battlefront ps4 edition as a bday gift. Boy was that game disappointing. Play one fifa game it’s the same. I will say that Star Wars The fallen Order was a very good game. If you have a ps4 Ghost of Tsushima is a must.

Just go play halo infinite. Free to play and supports cross platform too

Someone told me about Ghost of Tsushima the other day, I have an offline ps4 so I like adventure games. Horizon, Farcry, Uncharted, etc.

I still have the Ghost of Sashimi from an Eastern New Mexico gas station – almost as gory and disturbing as a battlefield.

It’s a single player game.

Yeah i’ll have to check it out, sounds right up my alley

Have you played red dead redemption? It’s kinda like that except you are a samurai and not a cowboy.

I haven’t but I’ve been told to try that one as well. I wouldn’t call myself a gamer but I bought a ps4 from my old roommate for $50 and play it when I have time to kill. I used to play snes and nes quite a bit. Super Mario World/Kart, Duck Hunt, etc.

Sounds like we grew up during the same era. I still remember when my parent bought me a nes system from target when I was 5. I grew up playing all the games you listed. Good times.

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