Baylor coach resigns

Steve Rodriguez after seven years and three appearances.

Wonder what scandal is brewing now in Wacko.

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scandal of expectations?

Dunno, are there any cats in Waco left?

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We always going looking for a coach when other programs need one too. Watch Allen go to Baylor and Pez sign Biggio.

Look in the trunk.


Plus Biggio is too wrapped up in his son’s career to have to put up with a headache for which he doesn’t need the money.

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I meant Berkman…lol

Great. Now competition for new coaches. But, frankly, more and more, I feel that we’re stuck with Whitting.

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Baylor finished right behind UH in RPI. Food for thought.


This is my feeling too…

I think there would be buzz, rumors, something if anyone at UH was even thinking about change.

But, what will also be interesting is the status of coaching staff if CTW is retained. Bunn has to go. A team ERA of over 5 against a garbage schedule is simply inexcusable.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they well all retained. But I will be extremely disappointed.

That said, Go Coogs


Biggio came to campus a few times in late 2000s according to Coog Crew lmao

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Wonder if Baylor coach had any more years on his contract.

If I were Baylor, I would go after CTW.


PBRCoog, brilliant strategy. I nominate you to sign up on a baylor fan site and lobby vigorously for that. I’ll sign up multiple times and give you multiple likes!

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Just saw on twitter where Kendall Rogers from D1 Baseball is posting an article later today detailing the candidates for the Baylor job

Going to be highly disappointed if we miss out on the opportunity to make, what I think would be a Generational hire and a HC that could turn Coog Baseball into a National Powerhouse.


No thanks. I strongly dislike Baylor (hate the sips and aggies) and would not ever get on their boards. It’s bad enough on this one sometimes.


My son and I are Baylor grads, and he told me this morning that he read an article that said Troy Tulowitzki should be on the short list for Baylor’s job. Apparently, he’s had two years of volunteer coaching experience (please correct me if I am wrong).

I don’t get why some schools are so enamored by Major Leaguers who want to be a head coach on the college level. I guess some do work out, but just because you were a good to serviceable major leaguer doesn’t mean you’ll be a good coach. I can see a high school taking a chance like that, but am bewildered by colleges doing that. I guess if you want to make a splash hire and can afford several middling years, you’d do it.

I don’t think Baylor will consider him a candidate, though.

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