Baylor has lost half of its 2016 signing class


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So, what is wrong with the other eleven players? Do they really want to be associated with a school that accepts murder and rape among its athletes? Their reputations will suffer - whether they believe so, or not!

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I believe at least some of the other 11 had already taken classes in the spring or early summer so its not such an easy choice for them.

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With Baylor & Texas A&M getting bad press lately, this helps UH even more in recruiting. Good times indeed.

You know Baylor plays Rice at Rice stadium on 16 September. It’s on a Friday night, so I just might have to attend that game. Maybe Rice pulls off an upset against a demoralized Baylor team. But if they don’t, it’ll still be worth attending to see how the MOB incorporates the scandal into their halftime show. It could be epic.

I’ll pass on the Rice-Baylor game. All the characters - Rice, the Mob, Baylor - are equally disgusting!

This guy was in my stepkid’s graduating class at Spring. He’s a 3* defensive lineman that we didn’t offer, and at this point he’s Baylor’s top recruit. He turned down LSU, Louisville, Boise, and the rest of the Big 12 to go to Baylor. Can’t help em all I guess.

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