Baylor makes news in Waco Tribune


“After unsuccessful calls to Baylor athletics, the professor and student decided to call police, saying they feared for their safety, according to the affidavit.”


Interesting that the prof called athletics first. Hill noted he probably feared for his job.

Also, someone else noticed, this all went down at least a week before Grobe’s “no culture problem” comments at the Big 12 media days.

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Baylor’s new, updated, title IX temporarily instated waiting approval rules of engagement with a stalker: if a 300 lb lineman is stalking you, throw cookies to the left, run to the right.

Stalking? That’s simply Baylor training protocol, Stalking is step one in the training program followed by intimidation.

Sounds like a troubled young man but you shouldnt paint him with the same brush as the serial rapist.

Victimizing women nonetheless.

You may have spoken too soon.

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