Baylor officially fires Briles

so as par for the course, Baylor waited until the weekend, late Friday to announce they officially reached an agreement with Briles on termination. No details of course on what they payout is, he had 40 mil left on his contract.

It must be clear to the other Big 12 members by now that the Bears will play by thier own rules, keep everything secret and and all cost try and minimize any discussion of their saga.

I really hope this whole thing is an eye opener for the rest of the big 12
Any one hear of any response yet from Baylor to the big 12 related to the info request…eerie silence.

“We find it’s always better to fire people on a Friday. Studies have statistically shown that there’s less chance of an incident if you do it at the end of the week.”


Sorta reminds moi of the ole SNL running joke …

and Francisco Franco is STILL dead” … officially

OR …

When the soviets publicly displayed and buried and finally re-buried Lenin and Stalin corpses in unknown graves

To the cubbies diehard fans demise … they don’t have GoT’s Melisandre to bring back AB as a active/viable HC

Sean Pendergast drops the sledgehammer on RapeU and ol’ Art.

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Where will he go? Back to stephenville?

KCEN covers the Waco Killeen Temple areas … probably hasn’t had that much excitement since the cows escaped a local farmer’s pasture.

I also like Jessica Morrey award winning sports reporter classification … guess she gets to the “scoop” without insulting whoever is being interviewed. Steven Adams mistake was asking Briles about being fired … AB immediately shut down and left … Adams obviously will not win any sports reporters awards from the local yokels anytime soon. :sunglasses:

As for AB getting another HC gig … probably not the NFL (no control over the right players) but some down and out P5 school who has been at the bottom of their conference totem pole will no doubt pick him up.

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