Baylor should oppose Houston

Delusional… read the comments also. Some even suggest Texas is doing this to keep Herman away from Baylor. Laugh. Out. Loud.

They need to focus on digging themselves from the decades of shame they have brought on themselves before meddling in other school’s affairs. They are obviously scared… and should be.

fta “Baylor is a better academic institution(Houston is a good school too),” Sorry but Baylor is not a better academic school. UH is a VHRU school while Bayolr is a HRU school, one level below Houston.

If that’s the quality of Baylor’s journalism school, then there’s a direct indictment right there. Doubly so on the English Department.

That said, everyone needs to quit thinking about becoming too regional. That only matters to the raging lunatics who frequent message boards like us. All the regular fans out there, the majority of the TV audience, just want to see good compelling games. They don’t care where the teams come from as much as how good is the game going to be, and how much does it matter - playoffs, conference championships, bragging rights. That’s why everything has moved in that direction.

If your school is too scared of the competition that you foresee entering your conference, then I have two questions: 1) Why do you think your school deserves to play at that level, if you’re quaking over a “lowly G5” ruining your party; 2) Why do you think that school is qualified to come wreck your conference’s status quo, but wouldn’t be qualified for any other conference, where they would just steal the recruits anyway to play against other teams?

“It’s Division 1 Football! Go play intramurals, brother.”

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Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Don’t read the comments for this article. Full of delusional fans that know it all. I just leave it alone because the people with the votes don’t talk about them on the internet until well after the fact.

I would venture to say the train of though expressed in the article is shared by fan bases of other B12 schools…or at least a part of these fan bases. They generally don’t admit it citing the old tired arguments of academics, attendance, commuter school, etc. etc. Sad, really.


This is a harsh reality, that us, as fans, will have to face over the coming weeks, months, and even years. Those old tired arguments as to why we should be a non-starter for conference expansion. You have no support in Houston, you cant win the ratings, you arent consistent, your academics arent up to par, you are a commuter school, essentially, all of that Cougar High Bullsh*t.

Most of what I read involves these idiots commenting about losing recruits. Per Rvials 2016 Rankings, here is the breakdown.

  1. Texas (#7)

  2. Oklahoma (#16)

  3. TCU (#20)

  4. West Virginia (#38)

  5. Texas Tech (#46)

  6. Oklahoma State (#48)

  7. Iowa State (#53)

  8. Baylor (#55)

  9. Kansas State (#76)

  10. Kansas (#100)

The University of Houston comes in at #41, which puts us at #5 comparitively speaking, with those teams already in the Big12. Take out the non-starters like KState and KU, and its clear that teams like Baylor, Texas Tech, Iowa State, and Oklahoma State are for sure losing recruits to us. Then look at schools like TCU & WVU, and we have taken some of their recruits. While its tough for us to compete against the likes of OU and UT, it’s pretty clear to me that we are already winning the recruiting battle, and WE PLAY IN A G5 CONFERENCE.

I’m so done with uninformed fans of these schools, much like I’m done with uniformed voters in the coming election, but we will save that topic for a later date.


It ALWAYS comes down to the same thing with the very marginal schools that were lucky enough to be in the BCS Conferences when that era began: FEAR.
rabid fan bases
It has always been about FEAR for schools like Baylor, TTU, Pitt, Syracuse, Illinois, Indiana, pick a middling team from the ACC.

They see teams like Boise State, Memphis, Houston, USF, Cinci, SDSU etc performing at levels that would put them in the top 25% of any of the P5 Conferences and they do not want to let them in.

They know if they do this well on a shoe-string budget, what would happen if the pot of gold was open to them.

It is the SAME reason there is no Representative Playoff Format: FEAR!

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We know the TV statistics from last year, yet the uniformed continually state that the Big12 owns Houston. One of the points in the article is that ut-austin already has Houston locked down AND Tech has a pretty strong presence. I decided to take a look at alumni in Houston. I used LinkedIn. Not everyone has a profile on LinkedIn but many professionals do. I’d use the data for percentages.

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It’s funny to me that some Never Coogs in the Big XII mention how many alumni they have in Houston but yet don’t want to have UH in the fold to add 4 Big XII games in Houston every year. How many of those Houston alumni are going to travel to Memphis and Cincinnati? How many from Waco ? Now, how many will make a quick trip to TDECU to see their team play?

They cry that they don’t want to be “too regional” but I think this is what makes a conference strong. Look at the SEC: the states are mostly neighboring states with compelling regional match ups (doesn’t hurt that the teams are very good too!). Adding OU and Ok St to the SEC would be a natural fit.

In my opinion, the Big XII started to lose its appeal when it added West Virginia. To accommodate W Va now, they have to add Cincinnati, UConn and/or Memphis. The more they get less regional, the more I think they hurt their brand. There is no intensity on the national level to these games. I am not knocking those programs but, unless you are going to play at a high level like the SEC year in and year out, regional match ups are the way to go.

Baylor was never going to support our bid anyway, moving on…

Prior to their self-inflicted legal mess, the Baylor President did in fact support UH to the Big 12 Conference.

Now, if I were the new interim Baylor President, I would concern myself with negotiating/trading my support for UH’s admission into the Big 12 for favorable consideration from the Presidents @ UT, TT, TCU & UH that they wouldn’t try to vote Baylor out of the Big 12- after all of the Baylor legal mess becomes public.

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Baylor will support. They need expansion to try to keep Big 12 alive as they are the last school that has a chance of getting picked up if Big 12 breaks up. They also won’t cross the governor as he can put more pressure on them to release info since they aren’t following Texas law on that front either.

Baylor’s just hoping they don’t get replaced at this point.

Totally agree … they are living on a precipice while still not releasing their darkest secrets …

Opposing gets them TOO MUCH attention which they DON’T NEED at the moment while agreeing with the Texas contingency puts them back in the shadows.

That and they need some muscle in the Big12 in order for it to stay a P5 should UT/OU leave when the GORs expire

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