Baylor Thanks Ken Starr

Baylor and her fans have lost their way.

They are sheep that became addicted to winning football.

Sheep that like pigskin. That sounds aggie-like.

Notice it seems to only be alumni. There is no student uprising like how Penn State rallied around Paterno. Although there are still similarities.

Can we start a collection to pay for a billboard of I35 just before entering Waco? How does “No means No!!!” sound to you guys?

Lawsuits, investigations, decommitments, and penalties are coming

Delusional hypocrites.

“for exceptional care of students and their well-being”

That is just offensive.

I might be able to understand the rest of it but that is way over the top given the allegations. Which are in fact allegations at this point.

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Have a feeling that overall entrollment to Baylor is going to drop exponentially. And, they still have the Title IX suits forthcoming and a possible Title IX investigation. This thing is far from over for them.

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