Baylor went crying to Greg Abbott for help!

A Big mistake the Big 12 did was not to expand a few years back. They went with the money and stayed at 10. Now they are a very weak and a dying animal. They would be hurt by losing OU and Texas regardless, but they would be better off today instead on death’s door if they would have gone to 12 or better yet 14 a few years ago. But no, they settled on the money from the networks with one of them who is now trying to kill it off.

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You apparently don’t know about the goings on in other states, then.

Alabama and UAB comes to mind.

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ESPN did not want the big 12 to expand because it knew that UT and OU would be gone in the future. Taking teams from AAC hurt the conference that is backed by ESPN full

The issue of Texas and OU leaving the Big 12 is way more serious than athletic department income. Waco and Lubbock are going to suffer major economic losses and that is something Abbott is looking at… In addition, San Antonio will probably lose bowl income.