I agree…. I think Wisconsin finishes top three in Big 10, top 30 NET, KenPom, etc.

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Remember when Baylor basketball was the bottom of the the big 12 and they murdered each other? Good times.


Didn’t Michigan St get beat down bad not long ago?

Baylor has just reloaded, literally! Anyway, they are Final Four Bound again. They play fast and they can play slow. Very nice. We need to learn to play slow if needed.

When would UH ever need to play slow?

I’m so confused by this statement, all we do is play slow?


There is a shot clock now.

And why in the world with all our athletes would you want to play “ slow”

This is not 1984 and we are not Princeton.

We certainly did not play well in that game.

But they had more pts at the end.

Or the tournament !!

If you think we play slow then we were beaten at our own game. In reality, we don’t play like Wisconsin. That’s what I’m referring to. Rhanjs

It’s not my opinion lol, it’s a literal fact. We are 351st in pace of play. We have been one of the lowest playing teams in the nation the last few years, we play extremely slow. The biggest irony behind your statement is that we in fact have played slower than Wisconsin this year, they are 333rd in pace


So I agree that we need to learn how to defend against slow-down offenses. But UH doesn’t need to play slow to do that. I think one of the best ways to get slow-down teams to speed up is to full-court press them.

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Teams that wanna play slow, do it cause they aren’t as athletic as the team they’re facing.

Or maybe they have a small bench, only play 7 guys, and don’t have the depth to play an up and down game.

So, you gotta try and speed them up, by ball pressuring the heck out of them in the half court.

And pushing the ball up after every missed shot.

Some teams full court press to speed up the game. I’ve never seen CKS do that.

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He doesn’t press much, that’s true. I actually didn’t watch the game because of the time slot. What did he do to try to speed them up? Half-court pressure like you say? From the presser afterwards, it sounds like the players didn’t execute in the first half. Not coach’s words so much but the players owned up to it.

The ball pressure in the half court. Sasser, Shead, Edwards. Really making it tough on the Wisconsin guards to run offense

We don’t defend bad against low down offenses, we played tremendous defense against Wisconsin in the 2nd half. The only reason we looked bad in the first was because coaches took so long to adjust and stop doubling

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We play slow mainly because we have 2 traditional bigs all the time. Hard to play fast with Fabian and Carlton out there. I do think we should push the ball more in the 4 guard lineups


Does that metric account for ORs? If a possession includes the extra shots we get from ORs then not a good way to measure pace.

We are 112 in OR and Wisconsin is 114 so that doesn’t matter. We don’t even average a whole offensive rebound more than them.

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Baylor has one thing we haven’t had yet and that is elite wings that are 6-6 - 6-8. Arceneaux is going to be huge addition for that reason alone. Our wings all have been 6-5 and below with varying levels of athleticism. Penny has a ton of them but he doesn’t know how to use them right like Scott Drew. They give you so many options on both ends of court.

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