BB Season Ticket Renewals

Just now renewed my 2021 / 2022 season tickets. There is a 25% payment plan available by calling Cougar Pride. 25% today when I renewed then 25% beginning with August through October.

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That sounds like a good deal.

Yes, I thought it was a good deal as well. Since I have received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine I feel much more comfortable attending both football and basketball games this season. Didn’t go this past season and let my main tailgate friend have my tickets for both FB and BB.


I renewed on the phone a week ago. I have both shots for 25 days. Went to 7 or so games last year. I never felt threatened and I’m about to turn 63. Wore a mask and drank some beers. Sat around same guys I always have.

I had football as well but only went to UCF game. By basketball I was over my fear.


renewed my 3

How did that beer taste strained through your mask, Joe? I’m 74 and never felt threatened and went to all games at TDECU.

I have now taken first shot with next one scheduled for May 7. I just wonder why people should continue to wear a mask once vaccinated.

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Mike - from what I heard from the medical community that the vaccine does not prevent being infected or being able to pass it on to others. What I understand the vaccine helps to prevent getting seriously ill if an individual gets infected. Wearing a mask after being vaccinated helps in preventing getting infected or passing it on to others. Now the CDC may change their mask guidance for outdoors as more people get vaccinated.


Why do we have to go here?


The vaccine is the new CrossFit / being vegan, they’ve just gotta let you know.

You’ve been forewarned.

I’ve been half vax’d and get my second shot this weekend.

See! It’s already starting!

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For what it’s worth it seems like there’s not much evidence of this. The recommendation is largely because the folks giving this recommendation aren’t 100% certain so are being cautious and more likely to promote general mask wearing until we get enough people vaccinated for COVID to stop spreading for the most part.

On an actually on topic point, didn’t you say you aren’t renewing your season tickets after we lost to ECU? That was one of the funnier overreactions on here in a while but glad you came in off the ledge.

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Are you talking about me? I never threatened anything and will never cancel my season tickets as long as I am physically able to attend games— regardless of records in football or basketball.

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No, red80 I know you are one of the biggest homers on this board. I was talking about 74. For whatever reason I remembered it since the basketball board is generally way more chill about overreacting than the football board so it really stuck out and checked the post history.

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Got to love how some things get deleted while others do not


If you hint at the truth, you are suspect :sunglasses:

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Still no real evidence that people are getting this a 2nd time. The antibodies have held up.
The vaccine is 95% (essentially 100% that they won’t say) You don’t get it and you don’t spread it.

Of course companies want to keep this billions of dollars vaccine in operation.

Also pretty good chance you will not need this yearly.

Gullibility is not a good thing !

Man, I am sorry I brought it up. I didn’t want to go that far down that path.

I don’t know who else may have, but I marked your post as inappropriate.

I did that because you are making up BS. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Why don’t you leave it alone. You know it’s not allowed on the site. And your kind of lying could actually harm people.

I used to think you were better than this. My mistake.


Still waiting for this to all go away now that the election is over. Should be any day now.


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