BB Season Ticket Renewals

Lawbert still on your crusade of BS.

Please share your expert views

There is a reason you see protocols relaxing in sports, schools, businesses etc.

Nothing I said was inaccurate. But hey if fear is where you want to be then YOUR CHOICE. Doesn’t bother me.

Convincing vaccinated people to stay home would be far more damaging. I am sure when the numbers continue plummeting despite people going out again, there will be other excuses on how that happened.


Sorry to ask about BB Season Tickets on a COVID thread but did anyone receive an email saying we could renew tickets now? I am trying to figure out if I am still not getting CP / UH Athletics mails.


Excellent retort @CougarDave! :smiley:


You’re not because they did send it out. I was in the same boat and ended up adding them to my contacts in my email to see them again.

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I received an email yesterday and renewed as quickly as possible.


Back on topic. I will be renewing mine soon.

Russell - As I mentioned in my original post if you call to renew through Cougar Pride you can elect the 25% payment option. Now then August through October.

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How many tickets are reserved for students and general public?

Robert - I believe there are 1,000 tickets reserved for students and with the first 300 allowed on the floor. I thought the season tickets were capped at 5,100 which would leave 1,000 for single game sales as total capacity is 7,100. If someone has a better answer on season tickets please post.

If they could sell out for the season, I don’t know why they wouldn’t. Take the bird in the hand every time.

It’s the same thing online. 25% now and then Aug to Oct. Just renewed my 4.

Thanks for the info on ticket sales.

It is not in the best interest for the MSM to let it go away !!

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The question should be is there any way to increase seating in an economical way?

Add bleachers to the student floor section

I used to get them. And I have both in my Gmail contacts. It’s a mystery to them and me. I even pulled up an old marketing email, hit unsubscribe and then went back and subscribed. Looks like I am scroomed.

For the second time in three seasons I was not charged the Cougarpride seat donation on my renewal. It happened two years ago and after that I decided to only contact Cougarpride about my renewing my tickets. So I called Cougarpride this week to make sure everything was good on my renewal.I then was told I owed $100 for the seat donations for two seats. I did call a few months ago and add back a third seat which was charged correctly, but apparently on my tickets for last year that I didn’t even get to use because if the 25% capacity limit I was never charged the Cougarpride donation, and these are seats that are rolling over from my renewal from last year. The UH ticket department and Cougarpride are not managed well and have to start a better plan for communicating with each other. I won’t go off on a tirade about how forcing a donation to Cougarpride in order to buy a ticket is not a donation because it is forced and not voluntary, but if they insist on doing this they need to correctly charge ticket holders for the amount plus the seat donation.


I know that the charge has been delayed for me before. I haven’t gotten an email and cant see an option in my account. However, I paid for season ticket last year then ended up taking the “Redshirt” option. So maybe they just aren’t sending it because I already paid… but you would think they would say SOMETHING.

Exactly why hold 1000 for general public while there is a waiting list for season tickets, sell the damn tickets, I don’t understand our athletic department


Does the conference have a rule that a certain number of seats must be available for visiting fans to have access?

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