Bball jerseys?

Do they still sell jerseys in the gift shop at fertitta?


Sorry to get specific but has anyone see. XLs there?

They have XL. I saw a 34 black one today.

Unfortunately only 2x by the time I got there

Just wear the 2x.

You’ll be fine

Im kinda stuck between L and XL, and the 2X is just too much. We have jersey day at school this week (I’m in my 2nd and possibly final :grinning:year of my experiment as a 6th grade math teacher) and I wanted to rock the Coogs hoops. I ended up going to academy and got a Hakeem jersey tshirt. Not quite what I wanted but still reppin the dream.


That’s gotta be the Lord’s work teaching junior high kids math. God speed to you, sir.

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You did the Math

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Did ECU buy knockoff Fubo jerseys form some random Chinese website. Wow, those unis were worse than our frat jerseys for intramurals.


Always wanted to like ECU from way back, don’t really know why. But those unis have always just sucked for them. Just terrible aesthetics for as long as I’ve known them, both football and basketball. Step it up, guys. You might suck on the field and court, but at least look good.

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