Before there was Buccee's, there was STUCKEY'S


Anyone remember Stuckey’s? It was a highway roadside gas station/convenience store chain found on Interstates throughout the USA in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

It was sort of like a smaller version of Buccee’s.

The chain largely folded after that, but is now apparently making a comeback. Some new stores may be on the way, and they are doubling down on their candy online sales.

I remember stopping at the I-10 Stuckey’s on family trips to Beaumont a bunch of times. Who can forget the pecan logs?

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Loved Stuckeys

Great human interest/business article. I recently stopped at Bucc’ees and saw their display and wondered about it.

It’d be great if Stuckey’s could re-emerge as a direct Buccee’s competitor (as opposed to a mere candy stand at a Buccee’s), now that Buccee’s gave $50 million to our arch enemy.

In the South-East there was Bil-Up’s.

What I remember about Stuckeys were the huge cigars they had…I was amazed at the size, being a kid.