Being Gay is not a crime but a sin according to the pope

How do we know it was or wasn’t all made up?

That’s a serious question.

There is a difference between belief and knowledge.

Archaeologist have found the city of Jericho ( where serious scholars questioned the cities very existence and thought it was all made up) and others, so it is a historical text, no doubt. Also there is great evidence of some type of catastrophic flood that took place which is suspected they got the knowledge of this from the ancient Egyptian’s and Sumerians. Other civilization (Maya etc) through out the planet have some reference to some type of great flood that took place and wiped out civilization.

Umm, it might be his religion. Which he has every right to, but I guess you’re anti religion?

Did they?

He’s not our savior. No matter his religion. If it oppresses, I speak up.

As Christians, we’re more in tune with the New Testament. But I will say that the reason the Vatican sees gay marriage as a sin is because they can’t procreate, that’s why couples that can’t have kids can’t get married either. Did you guys know that IVF is a sin?

Every time you post on here, more ignorance floods the board.

Really with the bad anal sex analysis?

I’m glad you didn’t work in your usual racist rants into the whole thing.


So you’re the authority in oppression? Pot meet kettle.

Stop being obtuse. He said, “I agree. Gay behavior is a sin, just like cheating on your spouse, or stealing from your neighbor.”

He’s equating consensual stuff, done in the privacy of their homes, to stealing and infidelity.

F.O. with your lame attempt at “both sides”.

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Both sides of what? Calling you out? lol.

Stop being cute.

He was equating a consensual relationship with crime. That perpetuates all of the oppression that my gay brothers and sisters have endured over the years.

You’re just being argumentative, I hope. Otherwise, you agree that the gay lifestyle is equivalent to stealing from your neighbor, which goes against what the pope says.

State your position, or STFU.

Sorry to be so direct, but I don’t have time for that nonsense.

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He was equating it to the 10 commandments. As a sin, you’re the one that brought up crime. Or do you not see the difference?

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Which commandment does a gay relationship break?

And HE brought up crime. Read or don’t.

Umm, the part where the Pope says it’s a sin. The Pope isn’t making laws in the US so I don’t see why you’re so riled up about it. If you don’t agree with the Pope, then more power to you, but don’t bash Catholics for their beliefs.

OK Olu Jr.

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I bashed him (the poster) because he equated it to crime.

Are you this dense? You seem reasonable on most other subjects.

I’ve literally laid it out for you.

Yeah, OK, firstandten the third.

Lame insult is lame.

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I agree. Gay behavior is a sin, just like cheating on your spouse, or stealing from your neighbor.

There is his direct quote, where is he equating it to crime, he’s referring to the 10 commandments.

Where is gay mentioned in the 10 commandments? If you’re going to tie it to adultery, that’s a huge stretch.

You’re just grasping at straws at this point.

A sin is a sin, a crime is a crime. Sometimes they intersect, sometimes they don’t. He knew what he was doing, and so do you.

Have a nice day, I have zero interest in this back and forth anymore, as it’s reached an absurd point (and you may agree that my point is equally absurd, which is your prerogative).