Belk targeted by Florida for DC

Is there any money to give Belk a raise?

Can’t pay him 4 or 5 mil a year so any big schools will take him.

He gone

He isn’t ready…

He has 3 options

  1. learn to develop as a DC, even if he stays at UH for our first or second year in the Big 12
  2. leave for the highest paid job each time
  3. strategically consider options that will help him be a head coach, if that is his end goal

He will be getting a raise at UH so it really is his pick


He left the Big 12 for Houston

He’s more than ready


We will find out next week…and hopefully the game after that.

We very well could be playing Cincinnati and then the ilk of Alabama, Texas A&M, Ohio State, etc.

It’s not for a HC, it’s for a DC position. No DC is getting paid $4 million.


At the rate Florida is going, they’re desperate enough for immediate success

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Brent Venables is paid $2.5 million/year to be the DC for Clemson.

I’m not positive, but I believe that amount is the ceiling for a college defensive coordinator.

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Going to fla is risky for him bc Fla will lose again with the current or new staff then they fire the whole staff.

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Bell’s name will come up a lot. Challenge here is a good one, transforming a AAC defense into a Big 12 one.


Belk and the team have a top 10 defense and we are tied with Alabama or better in a couple of categories. Very impressive!

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We are P5 now so I think we just have to pay him a competitive P5 DC’s salary.

If you want to play with the big boys, you have to pay like the big boys.

Big 12 defense? What is that?

This years defense would do better than average in the Big 12…… I mean an average Big 12 defense gives up 30-40 a game…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oklahoma State had one this year


Let’s hope it’s Knowles.

We are on the mere edge of being a P5. You can detail the statistics and numbers, but from a pure brand basis, the new Big 12 is right at the cutoff

We may get an extra 5-7 million in this conference. Will be interesting how that gets spent

True….but not a common theme in the conference

Nope he’s staying


The 2 things that strike me as the most significant reasons for our success are firstly, Belk and defense and secondly, CDH’s coaching up of Tune. We need keep Belk or we go way backwards.

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