Berry Tramel: Is it time for the Big 12 to boot out Baylor?

Berry Tramel: Is it time for the Big 12 to boot out Baylor?

It wouldn’t surprise me if a Big 12 legal team has scoured the conference bylaws, trying to discover a loophole by which Baylor could be removed from the conference. Kick out Baylor, bring in Houston.

If it weren’t for the regents taking a stand, the Big 12 might have tried that without bylaw support.

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wish it would happen…sad that it wont…but this sort of thing makes it easier for Texas and OU to bail on the league in 5 or 6 years…Armageddon is coming for Big 12…GOR will never be renewed…tick tock…

Interesting …

Booting out a member from any conference has only been done once that I can remember … Temple from the BigEast … because their program had fallen below mediocrity winning and attendance-wise.

Baylor’s reasons are more substantial with moral implications exceeding those of attendance and winning percentages.

Add to that the unrepentant attitudes of the fans and admin and football coaches and it is little wonder the bears have become an unbearable stench to the rest of the BXII AND to the rest of the DivIA football universe … P5s and G5s.

Every forest fire starts with a lightning strike or spark from a camp fire

Barry Tramel is no slouch and he may or may not have started a movement/spark beginning in OU country that may or may not go on to other BXII sports writers and members.


Replacing Baylor with UH also gives the horns and TT the blockage they need to revitalize the expansion dilemma.

Reading all these negatives about Baylor and yes we know what has become public knowledge. Baylor is guilty of many crimes and will receive federal Title IX punishment. But as far as the BIG12, well I see it as another example of an old Bible Story.

The woman at the well (Baylor) was caught in adultery and the punishment was death by stoning. (Possible banishment from BIG12 or Death Penalty for the Baylor FB program).

But Jesus simply tells the accusers " he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone."

The other BIG12 teams are like the accusers of the adulterer. They are dropping their stones and walking away. Why? Because each knows specifically of their past players sins and maybe even one or two players presently on their team.

People who live in glass houses do not throw stones. The present theme song for the BIG12 is “The sound of silence” by Simon and Garfunkel.

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I would suspect if they do kick Baylor out they would add BYU.

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INDEED! We “ain’t” ever gettin’ in that conference; too many schools remember what happened the last time they let us into their little play-house! And all their recent preening was really just pretending; they never - ever - had any intention of letting us in.

Uhhh … NOPE

Horns TT and TCU would block it … TCU and BYU have hated each other since their bitter MW days and ALL their games TRADITIONALLY ended in controversy …

Replacing a Texas private school with a Texas state school would not be as much a concern for the northern BXII schools as one would believe

Plus I suspect the BXII wants to get away from private schools and stick with state schools

Since this is coming from one of Oklahoma’s top sports writers I am guessing that YES OU and UT are flying the coop elsewhere someday soon BUT want as little attention like the bears stinking up the joint and drawing attention to the BXII while they plan their get away.

The conference would like to keep at least one private school as it allows them to keep financial details private. They don’t need 2 though.

I think this should be something to keep an eye on. I doubt anything happens, but you never know if Baylor continues to be dragged through the mud.

Yepp the WSJ opened a can of worms for the bears … not certain how the NCAA got involved … someone must of woken them up from their year round slumber and read the article.

The cubbies no doubt want this to die on the vine but folks like Tramel want to keep it alive and spread or maybe he has some contacts that he is not revealing and something is happening below the radar.

Booting out a member is SERIOUS business and not taken lightly.

We shall see where this goes … if it gains momentum or dies a slow death. Maybe the latter since the BXII no doubt seemed only relieved the bears won’t win the CCG and apparently settling in the middle of the pack and not that a bunch of Hannibal Lecters resided on the campus the last few years and no one cared.