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Was listening to college football radio on XM this morning and they had Tramel on. I wonder how well connected that guy is to OU sports… my guess is not as connected as he might think. They asked him about his opinion on teams to add to the Big 12. He made arguments for Boise as well as UConn and Cincy… shot down Memphis. When asked about the Coogs, he said it was highly unlikely for two reasons:

  1. Big 12 schools don’t want another legit team in Texas to recruit against in the state. This is not an original argument and will probably be the one view our administration will need to fight against.

  2. Political infighting with UT - he tried to make the bleachergate argument but did a poor job of it. He mentioned bleachergate as a game a few years ago that was supposed to be held at NRG stadium. Poor research, Bear… it was 15 years ago, it was Reliant, and pretty much none of the administration that we had at that time is with the school today.

This thing is gonna be interesting to see how this plays out. I wonder what sort of timeline they have for the decision… I guess it will be a good distraction to get us through the next 6 weeks.

Tramel isn’t really connected and is considered more of a guy that likes to rile things up. The guy to watch in Oklahoma is Dave Sittler at the Tulsa World.

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I was listening when he was on and did notice that he wasn’t completely aware of the “bleachergate” issue. He made it sound like UH had initially offered playing the game at Reliant(now NRG) and then later said no the game would be at Robertson

I think most (if not all) of the political infighting stopped when DeLoss Dodd’s left…I don’t know what to say if Bleachergate is still an issue with the higher ups at UT…it’s unimaginable that they’re being lead by 5 year olds who got their feelings hurt 15 years ago.

Tramel on BYU:

Could BYU witch hunt keep the Cougars out of the Big 12?

Any Big 12 and BYU discussions will start with the sexual assault issue. The Big 12 is in no mood to deal with anything remotely resembling Baylor. In no mood to align itself with a university that turns the tables on victims.

That’s a deal-breaker. BYU officials must convince the Big 12 that it does not condone such a culture and has taken steps to rectify the situation. Some BYU people have told me that school leadership has changed and that BYU is more attune to sexual assault victims.

Tramel did an online chat today. He now thinks the B12 won’t expand at all. And he gives his two cents on who is supporting (or not supporting) Houston and why.

What a waste of digital pixels.

Will be so relieved when this whole expansion topic is over and the Coogs get in. All these tools can then go suck it and we never have to listen to them again.

Tramel’s changing his tune daily which means he’s reaching at straws.

His answer further down where he says OU and OSU really don’t want expansion kills his credibility. So the school whose president basically forced this expansion discussion on everybody doesn’t really want to expand? Thanks for playing, Berry.

Also, Iowa State to the ACC? :confounded:

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