Best BBQ in your joint

These Central Texas towns have standout barbecue joints worth visiting (

Best I’ve had recently is Burnt Bean in Seguin

Brisket House, Pappas BBQ

I like Killen’s in Pearland. I’m going to go try Truth soon.


Truth is very good.

Coach , I tried going there after you mentioned the first time and line was around he block. Didn’t have time to wait. Must be real good. Maybe next time. Thanks though for the tip.

My backyard. You are all invited.


Hard 8 in coppel texas, but favorite BBQ sauce is Red River in League city.

Southside market in Elgin, Mikeska’s in El Campo, and I want to say there was one in Lulling that was damn good…

Same Hard 8 as in Stephenville? Just tell them how much you want, they’ll make it into a sandwich, whatever?

Used to love that place when we’d go duck hunting out at Lake Proctor.

I tried truth…:+1:…just expensive

All bbq joints are expensive. Tried buying a brisket lately…when you can find one?

Yea i bought one for $1.99 lb from Randalls, had a great sale on them


Randalls is still around?

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Yep, have some pretty good sales on their digital app, bought a load of groceries any other place would have paid 50-100% more.

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Panther City in Ft. Worth is similar to Burnt Bean but better, imo. Still doesn’t match Snow’s, though.

Coupland Inn in Coupland, assuming it’s still open

Best ribs and sausage and sauce on the planet. Brisket is good, not great

City Market inLuling for ring sausage and sauce

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Current sale at Kroger…whole brisket $1.99/lb with digital coupon.


Luling City Market (in Luling)