Best Chance for a Q1 Conference game?

@memphis ? @cincy ? @Tulane? This conference looks horrible. But you don’t need to be elite to be top 75. I say at most we can get 3 Q1 games. Realistically probably just @memphis and maybe @tulane if we lucky

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temple has a really really good schedule, and a vill win… theyll have a chance, despite bad losses

ucf’s freshmen has been amazing, they were down 3 starters in the unca loss…they have a good schedule to bounce back

the ones below we’ll know by this time next week

cincy schedule is terrible, we’ll know if they are top 75 by this time next week…if they dont get maui wins its unlikely theyll be top 75…

same with tulane thee entire weight of their non con is performing in their mte in a few days… horrendous level schedule

memphis is tough… i actually think they are a top 75 team, but they insanely overscheduled… the more winnable ones are in a few days… if they cant beat vcu, seton hall, oklahoma and stanford next week… they aren’t beating auburn & a&m and bama (all top 25)… if they come out 0-4, 1-3 in the next 4 id pack it up on them

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Yeah I said Tulane because u think they will come into conference with maybe 1 or no losses because their schedule is so easy. But also means if they drop 2 games to one of those bad teams it’s almost a wrap.

Right now we looking at Bama, St Mary, @ Oregon @ virgina should all be Q1 if we can get like 3 in conference then 6-8 Q1 wins wouldn’t be bad at all. Considering we had like 2-3 combine the last 2 years lol. Feel good about the 1 seed we looking like the best team in the nation!

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As current standings go we would have 8 Q1 games so I’ll definitely take that!




Arizona State lost to TSU earlier this year, but just beat #20 Michigan by 25.


TSU def ain’t going to be Q1 but damn good win for them :joy:
7 Q1 games as current standings go

1 Q1 win so far

Gonna go Memphis, UCF, Cincy as the most likely.

They’ve been decent enough in non-conference and more importantly are actually capable of handling business in conference.

Question I have is are any good enough to finish top 50 so they’d qualify as a quad 1 win in if we played them in the conference tourney.

Side note really disappointed with Tulane. They really dropped the ball this week. Bad sign for how conference is likely to go for them.

The last couple seasons I felt this conference was on the brink of being a 1 bid league. Two years ago they needed to beat us and last season memphis got hot. Is there a team who can get hot enough In conference and still get in without beating UH?

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Still early since NET rankings havent dropped but there isn’t a team that could comfortably get an at-large even without beating us

ECU and UCF are 5-1 but poor noncon SOS will hold them back to some extent

Memphis had the best noncon schedule out of the rest of the AAC but that Seton Hall loss costed them quite a bit of room for error imo

Record makes no difference with ECU, they stink.
UCF can possibly grow and get hot.
Tulane could potentially run the table in conference outside of us.
Memphis has the schedule to make up ground but they will need a big OOC win and possibly one over us.

Maybe we can petition the NCAA to see if they’ll let us count our inter-squad scrimmage as a Q1 game lol


UCF has the biggest upside in my view. I actually see a lot of losses on the horizon with Memphis. Not sure what Penny was thinking.

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