Best lineup combinations

The move to start Shead, really paid off. I think he’s moved into the starting lineup. Until he plays his way out of it.

Best lineup:

  1. Shead, Sasser, Edwards, Fabian, Chaney

Chaney finishes well with the pick and roll. If you subbed in Roberts for Chaney, it would still be a good lineup. Good spacing

The next question is when can you play Mark and Taze Moore on the floor. Cause together, I don’t think it works right now.

  1. For Tramon Mark. I’d sub him in for Shead.

And have Sasser and Edwards as shooters.

  1. For Taze Moore, have him in the corner 3. Cause that’s his best shot at the moment. His offensive game is still a work in progress

Have Taze, Edwards or Sasser and Shead.

It was a great win. I just think for now when Taze and Tramon both go in, the offense looks a little out of sink


Having Fabian as a stretch 4, who can hit the 3, is really gonna make our offense tough to guard.

Cause it makes the spacing on the court so much better.

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Sampson usually settles in on a consistent “6th man” to be the first off the bench.
Wouldn’t surprise me if that becomes Taze. Carlton will give him a run for his money though.

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Shead, Sasser, Edwards, Taze Fabian is our best lineup whenever feasible…


Last year when we went small against Memphis (Jarreau, Sasser, Grimes, Mark, and Gorham), it does leave you vulnerable at the rim with no rim protector.

But, Taze Moore is an elite defender. So playing him at the 4 spot. I think would work.

I’d like to see us, experiment with a small lineup. Cause eventually teams will force us to play small this season.

(i.e. Alabama, Memphis, Wichita St, Cincinnati)

If I’m Jwan Roberts, I’m working with Fabian White on the pick and pop 3.

Maybe he can’t develop that this season, but maybe a pick and foul line jumper.

The Roberts + Carlton combination :thinking:, it can work better but Carlton needs to be quicker with his post moves. Quick move like Fabian. If you don’t have a clean look, kick to a shooter.

Just my thoughts. Not saying I’m right.

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I am pretty impressed with Francis he looks very good for a true freshman.


Still like seeing Chaney starting. He brings a toughness that really helps set the tone for a game.


Agreed. You still start Chaney. He’s a senior. Played well.

If Chaney did pick up 2 fouls quickly, Sampson usually goes with Carlton as the backup 5.

Roberts, whos 6’ 7", would be undersized at the 5.

But having Roberts + Fabian in there, I think works. I’ll have to watch previous games. Cause I know they’ve been on the floor together.

The best lineup depends on the matchups with your opponents


The starting Lineup was very effective and I could see it become permanent.

Carlton, Taze, Roberts, and Tramon off the bench worked well.

Francis and Armbrester seem to be #10 and #11 off the bench.

Coming along nicely!


I agree. But we can kinda see that having a lineup of Shead, Mark and Taze on the floor probably doesn’t work cause of the lack of outside shooting (at the moment)

The Shead, Sasser, Edwards lineup does give me vibes of the Galen, Corey Davis, Armoni Brooks lineup. What do yall think? Some similarities.

Especially off a missed shot. Shead pushes up the court with (2) shooters running on the wings

Clearly the starting Lineup today was a hit.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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Kelvin rarely changes the starting lineup until a loss, unless of course there’s an injury issue with one of the starters


I think eventually our best lineup will be

Sasser, Edwards, Moore, Mark, White

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Idk sheads passing changes the game, he makes everyone’s life so much easier, especially the bigs

There are few scouting reports on shead right now, but there will be as the season goes on…even today oregon was partially daring him to shoot

by seasons end 1 of 2 things needs to happen… sasser becoming a better passer, imo then mark becomes part of the best lineup
or shead needs to improve his shooting as the season goes on, to at least not be a liability


Stretching here, but if shead could develop a Chris Paul-like dribble around the interior + 10-12 foot push/pop shot,he could be so much more effective.


Since I don’t like to look stupid, I will just go with whomever Sampson puts out there. I do think that in these early games he is experimenting with different combinations in order to settle on what he wants to do down the road. Real games can give you a better feel for them than practices against each other, IMHO.

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Shead has actually shown to have really good body control and even good ability to finish at the rim. If he can add a shot to finish just outside of the lane lines when driving baseline or from a few feet out from within the paint, like you said, that could be a really great start to playing himself into even more minutes and becoming yet another option when you need a bucket.


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