Best parts about this year…. It’s just the start!

We will have about 75% of our production back. Pepe, Marcus, Logan, Jake, and Kody are the big losses but we have replacements for most of them. Our whole offense will be back, and our D line will be even better! We have the same conference schedule as this year. Cincy will take huge losses losing basically all there best players. UCF has QB concerns, smu is in shambles. I think we go undefeated in conference play again next year, and if we beat tech and UTSA we have a good chance to have an undefeated regular season. I’m so proud of this team and so excited in the direction of the program!! Go Coogs!! Let’s finish the season strong!


Also shout out to all the coogs fans that stuck with the team through hard times!! You guys are the best !!


A lot of good players in the transfer portal. Hopefully we pick up few who can provide immediate help. We need help at receiver, o-line and corners. Not sure who can replace Jones and Williams.


Really worried about losing Coach Belk. He is the shining star this season.


There are several good coaches on this staff. Dana picked Belk. He’ll pick another good one. He sure as hell doesn’t strike me as a youtube recruiter.

We won the 1st, 2nd, and 4th quarter 20-14. This game was a lot closer than the score board will show. Other than that 3rd quarter we were better than them. I think the committee saw that and that’s why we moved up a spot in the CFP rankings.


This is just the beginning!


I am OK if we go out and find five starters to transfer here and allow everyone to compete for all five a”positions on the offensive line.


Yeah I don’t think anyone is opposed to getting 5 star transfers :joy::joy: I second your approval

Need to get some OL upgrades, Cincy beat our OL to shreds


Next year our OOC schedule is better than this year. Yes we still play TT, but at their house. And we also play Rice at TDECU. But we replace UConn and Grambling with a very good UTSA at their house and Kansas (AKA Whorn slayers) at our house. We open on the road at UTSA and the next week at TT. We don’t have a home game until we play KU on Sept. 17.


As bad as it was, I saw some good moments too, where Tune had all day to throw. They were just really inconsistent.

When Tune had all day to throw, there were 8 in coverage and no one to throw to. When he would wait for someone to get open, they didn’t and the 3 rushers would get past our OL and sack him or cause him to throw it away. I think Tune played very well yesterday.


IMO he had a great game. We mentioned it Ad nauseum our OL has had major issues in the second halves. Is it a lack of personal? This is what I see and where we can build from. We will correct that too.


Our special teams were solid. Interior D was fine. Oline predictably blocked well against a four man but got destroyed by the blitz. Alton isn’t s great support blocker against the blitz. Alton will need to put on s couple more pounds. Our TE’s were exceptional. Dell was great. A lot of positives


Herslow had a monster game…

We gave up 2 sacks in that game when Cinci had 3 down linemen.

We need help at O-Line. We need size. Cinci’s line, if I am not mistaken had everyone over 6’3 or 6’5 and 300 lbs. They have a P5 O-Line.


I especially am looking for a major improvement from Mr. Paul. He has just “scratched” the surface to his full potential.

Disagree. AMC has been really good at picking up the blitz and pass pro all year.

I bet we send a ton of fans to SA. Last time was a blast; we had a good showing. But, I’m betting we send more next season, including me.