Best parts of this game

Watching students throw hot dogs at each other and seeing some Coogs trying to beat up some Okie Lite fans who came over to gloat and taunt.

I guess my definition of “best” is way different from yours.

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best part for me was leaving.

Not normal behavior for OSU fans. Of course living in Houston can make people aggressive.

Best part was the first half

Until the last 3 minutes of the first half. We went from being up 14 to being up 4 through a litany of mistakes.

Don’t try raining on my parade. I was expecting our normal slow start and, instead, we showed up.

Lol, someone showed up. I’m not sure it was us though based upon what we looked like most of the season. In all seriousness though, up until the untimely interception we actually looked like we had some confidence and creativity back in our offense for the first time in a long time.