Best pistol for home defense?



Thank goodness I live in Texas and not the artic.

Thoughts on the Staccato?

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I’m old school, I like the sound of cocking back the hammer.

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My wife likes her revolver for that reason too.

Lol, me too (part anyway). He’s vicious.


Never tried one.

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Introducing the .500 Bushwhacker.

My wife has a KelTec P32 in her nightstand in case I fail with my 8” Tanto.

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That’s a pretty boy….and a Coog fan as well :+1:

A girl, missing an ear, Got her a year ago from the Humane Society.

and looks like you put her in a 45lbs weight dumbbell schedule? The chron had to be good at something.

This is what I am considering:

Here is what I like about it:
All metal construction
Slide is cut for the red dot i want (Holosun 507c)
Hammer Fired
Good capacity
Full Size

Not sure about the 226, but the SigSauer 320 (M17 variant) is the Army’s new sidearm, and among the various law enforcement agencies that I work with in Washington County, the 320 is rapidly replacing the Glock 17 as the police service pistol of choice.

The SigSauer 228 and 229, which are more compact versions of the 226, are used by some of the US Armed Forces, especially the Coast Guard.


Sig Sauer fan here.
Have had a P229 for a long time. My favorite. And I’ve shot a few. Keep it near me at home.

Just got the P320. Really like it. Not good for on person conceal carry (for me) but fits great in my backpack.

Went with the sig P226. Now I just need a volunteer to attempt to break into my house.