Best Roster for 2023 - 24?

News, the Longhorn comeback tour has been going on for a decade


Meyer explaining his relationship with Texas: Just because I flirted with her, doesn’t mean I want to marry her.

UT and A$M have had top 5 in the country talent most years….it’s the coaching and culture that fails to take advantage of it.



Isn’t this what is used to give them gaudy pre-season rankings every year? If you google it, this also has caused them to be one of the most historically over ranked teams, even in the last 10-20 years.

Urban Meyer isn’t some recruiting site goober

Yeah? As a coach I could see that being true. As a talking head with new agendas? Maybe not so far removed from that.

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The Longhorns have had a talented roster since the early 1960’s.

Some Coaches knew how to coach up their rosters, some did not.

Turns out that recruiting skills and coaching skills do not always reside in the same man.

DKR could do both. Generally Mack Brown did both( but not at Royal’s level).

Since Mack left it has been very inconsistent. Sark is the latest to attempt high success in Austin.

The Nation will quickly see if Sark is “The Man” as he has an early Road Game @ Alabama. He could have beaten them last year in Austin. But Sark could not. DKR would have won that game. Perhaps Mack would have won.

Sark has a better QB than does Alabama. And probably the best QB in The Big 12.

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Urban is simply trolling Texas so he can tear them down later. Bama and Georgia have like twice as many super blue chips. Even Aggy has more super blue chips than Texas. At best it’s the third best roster, but much of the talent is young and unproven. Most Longhorn fans don’t believe the hype that the national media is spreading…

Are you one of those longhorn fans? Or are you one of the longhorn fans who believe the hype?


Sark is an 8-4 coach until he proves otherwise. His offenses as a head coach have averaged about 40th in the country.

I think what Meyer is really doing, is auditioning for the position when it eventually opens up again.

Texas would be cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs if they hired Meyer.

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I think he could do well there. He has succeeded at every college stop he has been to.

I’m a believer in the Blue-Chip Ratio, and the Horns’ number is very good, but far from the Georgias and Bamas of the world. [Side note: tough time in college football history to have those be your two biggest rivals.]

Success but at what cost? He ran dirty programs at Florida and Ohio St. and his behavior as Head Coach at Jacksonville was an embarrassment. Most college talking heads think he will never be a head coach in college again. He knows football but is a narcissistic, classless human being. I do not see the UT BMDs and Meyer co-existing.

I really don’t have the want to look it all up but can you refresh my memory on what was “dirty” about how he ran those programs?

I’ll be brief.

Ohio St. - Ohio St. Board of Regents suspended Meyer for how he handled the Zack Smith domestic abuse allegations. Meyer was suspended for three games. Meyer’s denials at the time were cringe-worthy.
Florida - During Meyer’s time as head coach at Florida, there were 31 arrests involving 25 players. Sporting News reported that Meyer created a “toxic culture in the locker room at Florida and departed just before implosion.”

You can easily surf articles on Meyer and get details.

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