Bets on the Future of B1G Commish?

I don’t know if he is right or wrong on the matter at hand.

The Conference itself has a great future. I do not know if that future includes the current commissioner. Right or wrong he had to make some enemies on this situation.

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I thought it was the presidents that made the decision on this issue.

pretty sure they relied on the conf commish for recomendation

I’m a B1G Ten fan, and my opinion is the new commissioner flopped on his first big challenge. Not sure he’ll be replaced anytime soon, but his first test gets a failing grade from most of us fans.

Well, I have a Master’s from Illinois, and was disappointed to see them cancel. Can’t imagine they’ll pull off a Spring season, but we’ll see!

It isn’t the fact that they came to that decision, but he gets called out by a UofM doctor that the data they relied up was faulty, he threatens to boot NB when other universities are looking to do the same thing like OSU. It leaks out that it was an overwhelming vote and it turns out that was a lie and the vote was close. Then he has multiple coaches talking about going elsewhere and he now has multiple letters from packs of parents from multiple universities and now a player petition protest of hundreds of thousands.

His leadership should be in question with the cluster they now have, and they have a credible reporter saying that politics played big in their decision.

Not a good look for their Commish. Right now, he should be on the train to be torched. Not displaying the leadership he should be in a time of crisis.

would imagine if the SEC / ACC / Big12 and others actually play a season and the Big 10 / Pac 12 have to sit and watch, a LOT of heads are going to roll.

if everyone ends up canceling their seasons then I would assume everyones job will be safe.

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Agree that if the 3 other money conferences play, it will look bad for the B1G and the PAC, but until the season is long over, we will never really know which was the right choice.

Even then, I bet it still wont be a clear cut right or wrong choice.

For the most part, the folks in the states that comprise the other three P5 conferences, with the exception of the northern ACC states, have a different outlook than most states in the PAC12 and B1G.

History may prove him right but it looks like a complete cluster right now. I’m sure there was a better way to get to a cancellation as well.

The fact that his son is going to play for Miss State this season rather than opt out also looks really, really bad.