Betting Lines for Labor Day Weekend Games…

Cougars by 6 over UTSA

Pitt by 7 over WVU

OkSt by 21 over C. Mich.

TCU 8.5 over Colorado

Ark. 7 over Cincinnati

BYU 12 over USF

Miss. St. 17 over Memphis


I am taking the Coogs and giving the points.

Already in at -4 1/2 and just did another small bet at the 6. Like anything under 7.

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Coogs by 10+ Probably win by 13 or 14
Pitt by 10+
Okie State line is about right
TCU by 7 or less
Arky by 10
BYU by 20+
Miss State by 10 or less

Just my thought on final point spread

That Cincy vs Arky game is my second most interesting game behind ours. Will be watching to see how Cincy looks and of course that Baby Briles offense


If I was a betting man (and I was years ago until my bookie-then one of our posters-welched on me after I picked four winning parlays one Saturday) I would give the six points which should be sufficient against UTSA.
Not sure about Cincy v Arkansas since they lost so much to graduation. Should give us some idea about the Bearcats this year though I expect the championship game to be us v UCF.

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I think Arky pulls away late and wins by 10

I’m not betting against Fickell


I wouldn’t either.

Should have sent your Grandson John to muscle the guy. Though Brown might have looked down on that

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West Virginia is going to utterly kick Pitt’s proverbial nuts up into their windpipe. Write that down.


I like when WVU fan posts. Not a troll.
The posts are going to get a lot more interesting next season between the two schools.


John was probably about 7 years old when the guy defaulted on me. Long time ago.

Arky usually starts the season strong.

A huge rivalry game almost like VT.

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I just found this

on a WVU board and find it humorous but strangely believable…


Keep in mind that Pitt has a piss poor fan base. The only teams that generate any significant interest from their “fans”, is Penn State, Notre Dame and WVU…and when they do play any of those 3 schools the majority of the ticket sales are to PSU, ND, and West Virginia fans. Pitt will not have a homefield advantage in their own stadium on Sept 1st…




I’m shying away from UH vs UTSA. They have some good receivers and if we get in a hole we might be grinding all game to try to eek out the W much less win by more than a TD.