Biden DOJ is corrupt even CBS correspondent agrees

AG Garland appoints Hunter Biden investigator David Weiss special counsel

Deep state is after Hunter! Someone explain to me how this fits into the Q conspiracy.


Now he likes Garland’s decisions.


Call Jim Adler, the whiplash.

If Hunter is guilty then he should be punished. I am not voting for him now.


No I do not. This is to prevent congress from investigating. It will push anything until after the 2024 election.

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How can it prevent Congress from investigating something they are already investigating? Please explain.


How much do you spend a month on tinfoil for your hats?


Wait, your thread title says “Rut roh,” now it’s all a sham?

But thanks for explaining how this fits into the conspiracy. That was a quick 180 though.

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Also the person appointed as special counsel was already investigating and prosecuting Hunter. It isn’t like it is some brand new person who needs to get up to speed.


Yeah, I don’t know if this is a big deal for Hunter or not. Nor do I care.

Funny to see someone so quickly flip flop on it once he realized what it would mean to his deep state beliefs though.



Not appointed survivor counsel… corruption and conspiracy!

Appointed: Now it’s an active investigation of a super conspiracy to complain about now!

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I don’t think anyone thinks otherwise. In fact, Duce said something similar.

And why did you title this thread rut roh?


After making the announcement, Garland rushed off stage after a reporter asked:

"If Weiss had the authorities he needed, why does he need to be a special counsel?”

Lol, you changed the title. Nice try but we all see it.

And btw, you’ve used that thread title for Hunter and Joe investigations before. It was never about the doj being corrupt. We know what you meant.

You Love this biden admin don’t you?

Weak deflection. It’s like you’re not even trying.


He’s not trying, that’s why the thread starts with an overused and possibly ambiguous title. Then Firstie belly flops all over the place.

As we have said before, if Hunter did the crime, he should do the time. This appointment of a special counsel status to the prosecutor who has been handling the case previously does not affect the ongoing investigation by Congress (even if Firstandten thinks it does). It could signal more trouble for Hunter, I don’t know what the difference is on making him special counsel legally.

Your thoughts and feelings don’t make this a corrupt move by Garland. You believe that Biden and the admin is corrupt already so they can’t possibly have done anything other than more corrupt actions is your argument basically

Explain how this change in status of the prosecutor to special counsel either helps or hurts Hunter Biden’s case. @firstandten, explain how it necessarily delays the case any further than it already is delayed with the previous plea agreement falling through. I will wait.

It is a valid question to why he’s being appointed special counsel after the problems with the plea agreement that were had, although any new special counsel that wasn’t involved in the plea previously would have to get up to speed. If you want to discuss that with some actual facts and not just your feelings or talking points, I’m all ears.

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Even CBS thinks the timing is suspect