Biden is a pathological liar says Coogfans pathological liar 92010Coogs

Who is “we”? Why are you threatening this? I don’t think anyone has threatened to call your employer over the awful stuff you’ve posted.

He sure did. Ask him or what ever pronoun this individual prefers.
The thread’s title has been changed by some of you. How many times now? Care to show who is doing it?

Would your employer enjoy your racist posts 90210? We have the receipts.

Ok but why are you now threatening it and who is “we”?

I know I can’t do it, I tried. Why let them get under your skin?

I could care less if you are a mod antifacgkbr.

So you do care. That’s sweet <3

I don’t even know what this thread is about anymore.


Neither does the OP 90210.

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cougardue now antifacgkbr

Still not me, never was.


He still owes you and others an apology.

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Here is

So will you apllogize to RT now?

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It was not you? Sorry then. Tell your buddies antifacgkbr and others that they sure act like mature adults.

Wow what a hacker

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Again, not my job to take up for you. Thanks for kinda apologizing though.


Might be as close as you will get.