Biden keeps lying: said he was raised in synagogues, said he was raised in the Puerto-Rican community...what's next?

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If the quote is accurate it is a little patronizing. I am not going to make a big deal about it in the grand scheme of all the stupid things all politicians say.

You must take people holistically over the course of their lives.

Nobody is claiming Biden to be the best politician and best president of all time but he is so far a head of Trump in every category there can be no debate.


Yep, I agree here. Especially since Biden isn’t having dinner with anti-semites like Kanye West and Nick Fuentes.

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@92010Coogs I merged your threads as we really didn’t need separate threads for similar claims. I also changed the headline to reflect the merged topic. Still free to discuss these subjects just don’t need to create separate threads within minutes of each other.

Why not? That is your opinion. The guy keeps lying. Are you going to extend this thread to a chapter of lies?

Aren’t these basically the same lies? That’s why one thread makes more sense.

I’m not sure what that even means.

One lie.
Two lies.
and the count goes on…He has lost it and everybody knows it.

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So the lie count is what shows he lost it? If so, you might want to check Trump’s lie count.

While these lies about Biden’s upbringing are inexcusable and just pandering to an audience, they are pretty typical politician lies that really don’t get me all worked up like @HCNY said.

Nobody and I mean nobody in their right mind can make a good case that bien has not lost it.

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Here’s someone not in their right mind making an argument on Biden’s fitness. Also mentions how far ahead of Obama he is in the polls.

Keep trying.

“You might say I was”

I’m outraged he qualified it


I know I’m not going to convince you. Your unwavering devotion to Trump completely blinds you to the obvious.

You merged his basically same topics and changed his headline? Someone call Team America!

It has nothing to do with President Trump when your President has lost it. Moreover it is inexcusable for biden’s family to let him run. I mean that 100%.

It is inexcusable for Trump’s family to let him run as well. The real problem, neither party is putting out any real strong alternatives.

If you have a family member that suffers from dementia do you try to take care of him or not?
Honest question.

Of course, if they have been diagnosed by a doctor as suffering from dementia I would.

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We shouldn’t let narcissists or sociopaths run either. I want both trump and Biden to move on.

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