Biden keeps lying: said he was raised in synagogues, said he was raised in the Puerto-Rican community...what's next?

His campaign team sure as f does.


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Yeah because partisans like you are using ableism to equate entirely normal motor skill clumsiness as a deficiency of fitness for office. They have to counter the ridiculous assertions no matter how absurd.

Yeah, because independents can’t see the clips of this bumbling fool and form their own opinions. Go read the link. It’s bad optics for someone his age. His campaign isn’t worried about your vote or mine, it’s the independents they’re trying to persuade.

McCoog at the home.


By the way this McCoog nut was trying to dig up personal information about me a few months ago. And he was stupid enough to think that I was stupid enough to help him.

That’s when you’ve declared yourself as King of Stupid.

Typical mindset of these RWNJs far and wide, and here. Some say the “dummest”.

Someone tripping or falling off a bike doesn’t make them a bumbling fool. That’s a manufactured correlation based solely in the construct of ableism. So stoking ignorant biases to sway votes is the best y’all can do really won’t work like it didn’t last time and it especially doesn’t work when the alternative in contrast is still Donald Trump.


Biden fell off a bike.
Trump is a rapist.

Oh really, explain that one? Are you referring to me asking you who your college baseball coach was but you never answered because you’re probably full of s***. Just say the name of the coach. I couldn’t care less who you are. You see, I actually did play baseball at the college you claim to have played at which is why your comment stuck with me. Maybe we played together.

You’re the poster boy for TDS. Every post of yours revolves around him. Seek help.

Independents are saying he’s too old to run in large numbers and stumbling around and getting lost on stage doesn’t help. Check the polls. He’s not looking good on that front.

TDS accusation. The refuge of those who invoke a fantasy because they cannot address the factual reality when put before them.

You at SEU was a tur* in a punch bowl. I’m sure we didn’t play together. Most everyone I played with was pretty cool.

Where you failed in your junior detective story is putting out the names of coaches I either knew or recognized. A sleuth with a brain would have put out fake names, knowing that if I claimed one then it would have revealed me as an imposter. But that’s what you get when you’re King of Stupid. Ineptitude and incompetence.

What position?

Literally doesn’t matter when his only credible opponent is less than a handful of years younger, looking and fairing far worse in comparison. Enjoy those polls.


One of two team captains my senior year voted on by my teammates bud and won the team award for exemplifying what a teammate should be on and off the field. And you calling anyone a turd in a punch bowl is hysterical. Judging by your interactions with others across all forums on CoogFans I know you were never a teammate of mine. Aren’t you the one referred to as fussycoog by others?

Were you part of the group that got their ass beat by Sigma Chis when they showed up shirtless with bats when we kicked out their rude teammates because they were a-holes at the party?

Pretty sure Whitting was.

Lol, that sounds like a great story that I’d love to hear. UH ballplayers were kicked out of a Sigma Chi party back when Whitting played? Are you a Sig?

Yeah, I’m sure you’re a mouthy take charge look at me sniffer. Coupled with kissing Orange Jesus boot, that completes the DB profile.

You forgot to quote the part re your grade school technique for how to not have someone divulge information. Too nuanced of a technique I layed out for someone invoking the TDS BS revealing just how clever a grade schooler you are. I guess they had a remedial degree program at SEU then.

There’s no way you could’ve described your own persona on CoogFans any better. And that’s how you see team leaders? Interesting. Speaks more about you than me. And actually I’m the total opposite of what you say which is why my teammates respected me.

There’s that TDS I mock you about. It’s beyond comical with you. Not everyone right of you (99% of the board) is MAGA. No where on here am I defending Trump yet you bring him up every time you post. And as I said earlier, judging from your back and forth across all the forums on CoogFans, you calling someone else a DB is something else and most would agree.

I don’t give a s*** who you are, I’m just curious who you played under. You’ve got me convinced CoogFans is your only interaction with the outside world. You sound like a very paranoid person which makes sense when reading your other posts.

Now back to politics.