Biden to be impeached...matter of time

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“disgraceful impeachment” LOL.

Ask Trump’s staff who hid the transcript in a secret server so it couldn’t be found.

At least he has the juevos to validate the second one, or does so unknowingly.

Sums it up:


Apparently winning is not high on your list ever.

Again, my conscience and integrity is worth more to me than winning. They are way above winning too.

I see why you idolize trump so much.


He is another one that gives Trump a full throated endosrsement.

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Gagging on it in fact.

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Version 416.

Sums it up.

Absolutely the “dummest”.

You remember that one?

These so called Chinese companies are in fact arms of the communist dictatorship chinese regime.
Do you understand the difference?
Do you understand what “being compromised” means?

Zero self awareness.



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Comer and fellow fools are just looking to exhaust everyone. That’s the game.

While turning a blind eye to the Jared Kushner $2 billion holy shirt I hit the jackpot bonus gift from the Saudis. All the off the radar trips to Saudi Arabia while still working in the capacity as Senior Advisor to the President and part-time as human mannequin at Nordstrom’s.

Dorkster Steve Mnuchin got his $2 billion as well. Gotta keep the revenues coming to support his super hot wife only because she truly loves him for the man he is and a stallion en la cama.

50 shades of gray. Pay it in cash for one hour. Or pay it with your earned wealth for unending sleepovers. What a man. Same for Trump. Melania’s just a high price call girl. Any “man” who stoops to that level has not only had his mancard revoked, but he has the tiniest of all raisins.

They admit they’re only doing this is because his predecessor was impeached. They admit it.

Admit what?

Admit that:

What is happening JohnnyCougar and has happened for years is that you have probably never seen these articles. You and others are being fed a narrative and you believe that narrative while ignoring facts.

Zero self awareness.


I admit I don’t read garbage.