Biden Unfit

LOL, not at all. But “your” are obviously deflecting…again.


Now this is plain silly of you. What constitutes an “explanation” in your mind…is hardly rational or well-reasoned, my friend. The above is a case-in-point.

You listed 3 corporate Dems who have sided with the corporate interests of the GOP.

I responded by listing more than 2 dozen examples of leading GOPers who have switched sides BECAUSE of their support of Biden and his policies.

We both kno that you will not rebut that…because you cannot rebut it. The FACT is that MANY more GOPers are leaving your party, than Dems leaving the their party. There’s a reason for that…whether you’re able to admit it, or not.

You lose.

:rofl:…more “MAGA” (i.e. anti-America) reasoning.

Lemme know when you’re ready to tell us why all of the TWO DOZEN-plus GOPers have left your party…and I’ll tell you the story about what makes Joe Lieberman tick.

Here’s what you need to do. YOU take “the pulse” of ANY of those 24+ former GOPers, and tell me if you can find ANY quotes of them renouncing their support for Biden…or of them returning to the GOP…etc. Those former GOP’ers all were very public about leaving the GOP and supporting Biden. If ANY of them changed their minds, I’m sure you’ll be able to provide some quotes for us.

Once again…you won’t be able to do that…because you CAN’T do it. The FACTS (as always) are not on your side.

…in the minds of you and other MAGA types like you.

And the opinions and feelings of MAGA types don’t really matter. Your votes are not tethered to facts, logic, reality or ANY ethical standards worth respecting.

See above. Your feelings really don’t matter. But you’re certainly welcome to them.

How much time did you take for your rebuttal?

None of what you wrote makes any sense.

“You listed 3 corporate Dems who have sided with the corporate interests of the GOP.”
You make no sense at all.

Would YOU say he’s the “dummest”?

Mike Luckovich for September 15, 2023

Mike Luckovich Comic Strip for September 15, 2023


Latest bidenisoldamericatothechinesecommies gaffe:

What other proof do you need that is unfit to serve?
Oh yeah and this one is truly despicable.

Zero self awareness.

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Can’t be a Trump person with self awareness…mutually exclusive concepts.


You do not think his latest gaffes/lies prove that he is unfit? Do you want your leader to be constantly lying?

I’ve brought up on this board more than once that I think Biden shouldn’t run again.

But that’s not why I said what I said.

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:rofl: :rofl:…says the Trump acolyte. You worship the greatest single liar in the history of the US presidency, for Pete’s sake.

Wow. Just wow.

Were you literally TRYING to illustrate was “lack of self-awareness” looks like, so that everyone else could enough a nice chuckle at your expense?

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How many times do you need to be shown the same humiliating Trump eposides that you think condemns Biden?

It’s the shallow, unnuanced Dunning-Kruger graduates like yourself who don’t understand that every attempt to discredit Biden in anyway is simply validating the charges of corruption, criminal wrongdoing and ineptitude/psychologically ill aspects of Trump.

I just posted the video with Trump’s top 100 of such. And of course you responded to that in your typical juvenile fashion with a GIF.

You’re exposed as the “dummest”.

No insult there. I didn’t say “dumbest”.

Why the ageism, new guy? Not respecting one’s elders shows lack of character.

You’re making fun of someone for having a long and well thought out rebuttal? Thats hilarious when all you have is an incoherent mess of gifs and phrases that not a single person alive can make heads or tails out of.


This new guy is getting pretty chippy.

Clay Jones for September 18, 2023

Clay Jones Comic Strip for September 18, 2023



The new guy takes a mushroom whole and doesn’t gag on it. Stormy says Trump should pay the man.

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Live look in at the new guy reading his “news”