Stocks sink after historic US credit rating downgrade - CNN Live updates: Stocks sink after historic US credit rating downgrade

Hmmm… maybe you should read what you post and not just the title.

  • The downgrade comes after lawmakers negotiated up until the last minute on a debt ceiling deal earlier this year, risking the nation’s first default. But the January 6 insurrection was also a major contributing factor in the downgrade, Fitch said.

Hell I am a dyed in the wool republican and even I have to give Biden props on a lot of things. Overall he has been a good president.

His negatives:
Hunter (and yes Joe knew what Hunter was doing).

His positives
The infrastructure bill
The economy
He aint F’n Trump.

I agree with most of your points. Hunter is a troubled guy with some really shady business dealings but I have not seem where Joe was involved, more than being a father to his kid. I think Hunter was selling the illusion of influence but if actual proof does come out involving Joe, then he is fair game and should be prosecuted. All we we are seeing now is political mud slinging at the highest levels.

Plus he is not Trump.


BREAKING NEWS: Bank of America is now stating that a recession is off the table and we are due for a soft landing.

Thanks Joe Biden

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That’s about the best, one sentence, concise summary of the situation and I totally agree.

Republicans certainly have the right to investigate the Hunter episode and ask questions about it.
That’s politics. But where I take issue with that is when they start attacking all of the institutions
(like FBI, DOJ, our courts, etc) because they can’t accept the results. And then cook up all
these conspiracy and deep state BS to try and support their political goals.

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And if there is actual proof, he should be prosecuted. I won’t be saying the justice dept is weaponized, whine about judges or twist into a pretzel to defend Joe, like others do for Trump.

There won’t be a smoking gun. Joe is a pretty smart guy. There won’t be an email that says:

“Hey Hunter, great meeting last night, I think your influence peddling business has really taken off. Send my piece to the Chase account, you know the account number. Oh and your mother says to quit taking pictures of your schlong, I know you are proud of it but private parts should remain private. We have talked about that.”

Joe is a smart guy and he had all the intel at his fingertips. He knew what Hunter was doing.

I disagree, yes Joe may be smart but that would not be the case for Hunter who in his addiction was both careless and reckless.

Do you think a Ukrainian Oil Company would pay him millions and put him on their board if they didn’t think he could provide access.

In Joe’s defense, I have no idea how much influence these guys bought. Joe has been around the block a few times he can act like there is access when there isn’t. But he knew what Hunter was doing.

No reason to rehash this. Minds are made up and that’s fine.

But unless there is some sort of smoking gun, this is just going to go in circles.


Here is the testimony word for word.

Joe knew what Hunter was doing.

Agreed, and we all agree Hunter did a lot of shady things and likely sold the illusion of influence but he is not running for office. Republucans just use Hunter like the do with Hillary’s emails and Obama’s tan suit.


Yep, Hunter was super shady. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything more than that though.


51 you posted Comers version and not the actual transcript.

Yes, Joe may have known or suspected Hunter was using yhe family name but it doesn’t mean he was involved. Jared, Ivanka and Don Jr. has made billions off the Trump name.

Feelings are not facts.

My own kids have told me of things they will do I dont agree with, I cant make them not do it but it also does not mean I was involved.

Mr. Archer: My only thought is that I think Burisma would have gone out of business if it didn’t have the brand attached to it. That’s my, like, only honest opinion. But I have no basis for any ‑‑ never heard any conversations –

No recession, thanks Biden.
Oh wait we’re talking about Hunter not the economy


:man_facepalming: lol we did it again.

Thanks Joe Biden.

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Is Biden a smart guy or a senile old man. Which is it?

I was thinking the same is he:

  1. the old senile puppet controlled by the swamp


  1. the dark lord who has quietly maneuvered to control the entire political machine to go after conservatives?

Only when the shadow president is in control. Come on man, keep up.