Biden's Documents Case

A little update for those that forgot about this…

It hasn’t happened yet? Humm there is no two tier justice system, lol.

He did not currently work for the justice department.

He was assigned a special prosecutor a while back. I think around the same time Jack Smith was.

Yes and Jack Smith has been leaking like a sieve and has two cases against Trump.

That’s a load of crap, what you hear about the prosecution’s case is from the filings with the court. The prosecutors aren’t on tv shows, posting on social media or doing interviews, unlike Trump’s legal team and Trump himself.

There might be a few exceptions of leaks but they may not have come from the prosecution team but other witnesses and such.

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Yeah, completely made up.

My guess is we don’t know everything yet. Smith isn’t tipping his entire hand. I think it’s very interesting Mark Meadows hasn’t been part of it yet, at least not in public.

Yeah as always for firstie

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For instance, I know that audio leaked where Trump was talking about the Iran plans. However, there’s no indication that came from the prosecution and other people had access to that recording as well.

I’m expecting him to be a significant witness for the prosecution. No way he’s not a co-conspirator otherwise, right?

Trump is God’s representative sent to save the country from libruls and wokeness. He can’t commit crimes because if he just thinks something he is doing is legal, it is automatically legal. Just like using his mind to declassify documents.

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Anyways, I just realized Firstie hijacked the thread by talking about Jack Smith here instead of the Biden documents case. Lol

The method used buy one side is to drag it out and insert saved highlights in leaks to better affect the election process. Low information voters never think that deeply.

I’d say that is certainly what both sides do. We all know neither side has really put forth an effective solution.

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“I have my leanings as do others. That of course has me listening and reading what I believe is right. It is so hard to stomach for very long, the other sides overwhelming domination of what so many believe is trusted media.” – theant

Isn’t int interesting how anybody here could use the same words?

I think it is because Obama, Pence, and many others have kept documents.

One has to wonder, really for memoirs and books or protection from really, really dangerous political groups and individuals.

We know Pence got caught with documents as well, there has been only right wing accusations about Obama and other.

I will say, every current or former politician should have been checking every corner of their property to make sure they didn’t have any documents. Also there should have been a non partisan investigation on how we handle and account for our secret documents. My gut tells me that Pence, Biden and Trump aren’t the only ones with this issue.

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I think Pence volunteered that he had some.

“only right wing” ? Both sides omit and sugar coat and outright lie.

This is at least part of what divides this country so much that imo, no single government can provide all the people with the pursuit of happiness.

Only right wing was in the accusations of Obama keeping documents, nothing else.

There is a process to keep documents, where they are to be kept, and who maintains them. Most follow it but sometimes mistakes are made. We should do better, of course.

Then there is what trump did.

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