Big 12 Expansion: BYU & Houston Not Right for WVU

Big 12 Expansion: BYU & Houston Not Right for WVU

The Big 12 has decided that it is going to expand and most people are convinced BYU and Houston are the choices. Here are three reasons why they are not good choices for WVU.



Wow, what an incredible self pity read that was. The writer is admitting that WVU is so weak that it cannot afford to play stiff competition to improve its stature. If they want to always be king of the mountain, they should move to CUSA for god sake. The writer is a major scardey cat with a huge inferiority complex. LOL

…They want a travel partner close by, and will whine incessantly till they get one…the article implies that the expansion will only be 2…I know WVU are not bright, but Cincy a shoo in if they go to 14, which seems likely…Really, i think the league takes Houston and Cincy if they just take 12, but these people seem convinced its Houston and BYU…poor poor pitiful West Virginia…

What a Baby…then he admitted that he couldn’t afford to Travel to Houston or Provo, UT. So what is the difference traveling to Ft Worth or Austin? No one told WV to apply for Big12 membership. AAC will take them back in a heartbeat if they want to dominate a conference…and i don’t believe they can dominate the AAC.

They need to be kicked out with TT.

Interesting …

WHERE was all this concern many moons ago when the Big12 chose the mt’neers over the cards.

No one heard back then … sorry but we won’t join because there isn’t a traveling partner for us or OU and UT are in another galaxy far far away or we don’t have the same recruits to choose from like Utah or Texas … sorry but we can’t join.

NOPE … they were rejected by the ACC and in a dying BE. They would have accepted an invitation from a Japanese college league IF IT WERE A P5 and kissed every mile getting to Tokyo and Kyoto.

Houston won’t join little 10 if ou and ut bolt, right or wrong?

WRONG!!! …

OU/UT bolting is a mythical hypothetical those who hate the Big12 and want us elsewhere.

Maybe you should hire a psychic like CoogBong and ask if or when the sooners and horns WILL BOLT.

When they were in the BE you should have read some of the posts from fans of opposing schools. Totally demeaning. What a bunch of whiners. And that seems to be coming from more than this one pathetic writer. It’s embedded in their culture. They have a classic inferiority complex.

All the conditions this guy whines about were there when WVA was standing there, hat in hand, begging to join the Big 12. NOW he wants to complain. Please don’t bring in any more really good schools. We don’t want a stronger conference. Everything is SO hard. Ad nauseum. I’m sure he makes all the other B12 teams proud.

UT/OU bolting is a mythical or hypothetical possibility only in the immediate future. They won’t bolt if the B12 add 2 or 4 but it is a very strong possibility they could bolt when the GOR is up. Think Texas would pass up being in a academic peer conference like the B1G? B1G TV money will make up for the LHN.

Now, maybe UT would be able to see that their path to the playoffs would be easier in the B12 instead of going Indy or B1G or PAC (where they wouldn’t be in charge) but Texas hubris would blind them to that.

IF Houston gets a B12 bid then we use that time to position ourselves for the final round of realignment which will be coming when the B12 GOR ends.

I’m not sure Texas would go B1G, Pac12, or SEC. Texas prefers power which they have now, but wouldn’t have in those 3 conferences. If they leave, they go ACC along with Notre Dame or set up a deal like what Notre Dame has currently.

But, I think they’d rather stay. They like playing OU, they get to play a lot of their games in Texas, and they basically have final say in the conference. Their athletics will rebound and they will have an easier path to the playoffs. I think they stay unless OU bolts, but I think OU is in a similar boat.

OU saw what happened to Nebraska; they don’t want the same thing. If OU leaves, the Pac12 makes sense for them as they’d wither away in the B1G and would be just another good team in the SEC. In the Pac12, they gain access to California while still having a presence in Texas by bringing 1-2 teams with them (UH, TT).

Why would Texas go to the ACC? They wouldn’t call the shots in that conference either.

If they can’t call the shots, they want to have what Notre Dame has or be in the same conference. Academics in ACC also extremely good and Texas also sees ACC as weak and they could dominate in football.

Does ND have all sports in ACC or just football? I cant see Texas doing a football only thing as they’d want their basketball to play an ACC sched.

ND has all non-football sports in the ACC and a scheduling partnership for Football.

And this relates to WVA or BYU how? Just trying to keep up.

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