Big 12 expansion

Article on Sic’em about B12 and the PAC12 Interesting read. My BS detector is up.


Ahh we’ve heard every story and article in the book. Time will only tell, anything else is just speculation.

PAC-12 could be waiting to see who reigns king in the Big 12 and then poach them

Don’t pay any attention to that article as Smoak supposedly has some Big 12 sources that feed him information, however they have already been wrong as recently as a few weeks ago when Houston was invited.

It’s all just speculation.

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That writer comes off as the type to fall for nutter conspiracy theories…

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except that our big12 acceptance letter had a peculiar clause that mentioned we would not talk to anyone else for 2 weeks….why?

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Good question I like to know the answer to that?

I’m sorry… did they say Tulane and Southern Miss?


I’ve felt for a while that sicem365 was putting out conference realignment clickbait to get website hits from fans around the country and this article solidifies that for me. Southern Miss and Tulane???

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Certainly any offer (to join the B12 or otherwise) is contingent on timeframe. I think it’s a bit of legalese to avoid a situation where we’re sitting twiddling our thumbs waiting for a B12 invite that never comes.


Can’t wait for us to go on an undefeated streak in the BIG 12 to inevitably blow it against Southern Miss in the championship game.

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S Miss is a small market and Tulane sorta is but I could see Tulane but not s miss. But again, it’s only if we or others leave. The big 12 isn’t adding any until they have to if teams leave so we should be good. If they added 2 more G5’s soon , they’d take a PR hit bc then people would say it’s the aac all over again. So they aren’t adding unless there are defections to the pac12.

I don’t have any sort of numbers to back this up, but I’d wager that Southern Miss draws a substantial portion of their students from New Orleans. It’s basically equidistant from New Orleans, Jackson, and Mobile, and it’s the nearest R1 public school to New Orleans.

Smoark and his crew are looking for viewers and subscribers. They are simply baiting Southern miss, Memphis, Tulane, Boise and other G5 fans to keep watching. It’s about subscriber markets to them too. There is no next level of expansion. There is no next round. These guys simply want to keep G5 viewers engaged.

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I agree that Tulane and Southern Miss are at two different levels of plausibility.

With Tulane they probably did ask themselves if it could work and might have looked into i. I doubt Southern Miss crossed their minds.

Only next round is if we leave so we’re in a good spot finally.

Just tell Memphis that until we go to pac 12 , they aren’t moving and if so it’s good for us bc we won’t see them if.

There website basically retracted the story about Tulane and USM yesterday, “Sources say”. These guys are straight up out out of the circus, bozo hair and all. By the way the guy with the cap is his son. I get bored I listen, but don’t take much of what they say seriously when it comes to realignment.

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Lets see how we do with the 12 teams we have. No need to add more bodies like we did in AAC

I can SOMEWHAT see Tulane…but Southern Miss?! REALLY?!

I still have sour grapes that we would’ve most likely been undefeated and going to another BCS bowl had they not had their best year in 30 years. They Weren’t relevant before that year and certainly not after.