Big 12 football off to a disastrous start

Berry Tramel goes to town on the Big 12 and compares their start vs P5’s/AAC

Big 12 football off to a disastrous start

Look at it this way. BYU and Houston, mentioned prominently as the best candidates for Big 12 expansion, have as many quality victories this season as the entire Big 12 combined. BYU beat Arizona, Houston beat OU. The Big 12 has beaten Notre Dame and Missouri.

Does that sober you up? The American has wins over North Carolina State (East Carolina), Purdue (Cincinnati) and OU (Houston). The American has a better record, across the board, against similar competition.


An understatement …

Right now the only two showing any promise are the black sheep of the conference Baylor and Texas …

Has Charlie Tuna turned into JAWS or is still the lovable character from the Starkist commercials.

The froggies have fallen on hard times … the pokes are complaining that they were robbed but should never have allowed the chipawauges to even get close … TT has its usual defensive weaknesses … WVA the 2 Kansas’s and ISU will bring up the caboose of the conference … as usual … zzzz!!!

Then there are the sooners … and yes it would be nice to see them play the buckeyes a close game but I suspect that not even playing boomer sooners every other minute and making that stadium ear piercing noise rivaling Kyle will be able to help … because the buckeyes are use to playing before hostile B1G crowds who hate them.

Does that sober you up? The American has wins over North Carolina State (East Carolina), Purdue (Cincinnati) and OU (Houston). The American has a better record, across the board, against similar competition

Clearly what needs to happen is for Texas and OU to join the AAC


Tramel is not the CFP. The CFP will select a P5 team before a non one when it comes to the playoffs including a small12 team. We heard/watched very quickly what the ESPN pundits said about a Notre Dame with one loss. They made the point that they will ALWAYS be selected before an unbeaten non P5 team…including UH. In case a small12 has a team with one loss they will get picked before us. That’s the definition of the cartel. To make the playoffs we need the “perfect storm” of losses from P5 conference members. I hope that I am wrong. History is not on our side.

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Putting the cart before the horse there.

What Houston needs to do is to win out, and to win out the team needs to focus on tonight. Do your job on the field and let the rest sort itself out.

I guarantee you a 0- loss Houston after beating Oklahoma and Louisville goes to the playoffs. The uproar of a rigged system would be deafening.


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That’s your opinion. There is also a reason why the CFP ranking come later in the year. When that time comes let’s see where our ranking will be vs P5 teams. Remember, the P5 cartel was created to GUARANTEE that P5 members would keep the most money. Just compare the Peach Bowl payout.

I’m going to paste this one here since you guys are debating it. This kind of thinking is idiotic, but it’s out there and we’ll have to face it more and more as the season goes on and the schedule gets weaker.

Why Houston lost its chance at a College Football Playoff berth despite beating Cincinnati
The Cougars had to be perfect. They weren’t.

Other teams might have their sluggish starts on the road on a Thursday night forgotten or overlooked because of their reputation, but Houston’s will have legs for the remainder of the season: For 50 minutes Thursday, they looked on par with Cincinnati, and the committee won’t forget that when it’s trying to imagine how the Cougars would look against Alabama.

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Ridiculously false and illogical with no historical roots to reference. Bad journalism at its finest.


You joke, but that would be a better conference competitively and TV market wise so I think they would get a bigger payout than Big 12.

Uhhh sour grapes from a South Florida writer who pretty much knows his school … if he is even an graduate … is stuck in no-mans land and will never be a P-5 candidate in our lifetime.

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This writer was assigned to our game. He wrote his piece and choose like many other no names journalists to go controversial. It is sad but that is the true reality of what journalism has become.
Personally I would say that offensively we were out of sync for a large part of the game. CTH won’t be happy with it at all but what was outstanding is how we stayed resilient and fought back our own mistakes. That is doubly impressive to me, It is also the sign on how great we can be . The writer should have pointed out that despite mistakes, Cinci bringing their best, playing in an hostile atmosphere UH delivered an outstanding knockout in the fourth quarter. How many teams would have been able to do that? That was the question that the writer should have brought up.
Don’t expect friends from the press. Remember we are in a G5 conference. We are a nobody for many. Unfortunately the press does not REPORT anymore. They give their opinions and they have to “shock” in order to get noticed. The GREAT, REAL news is that we are 3-0.

I’m biased but Pat Forde offers a much better perspective…

Pat Forde Article

Just last week, that Dieter guy wrote one saying Oklahoma State shouldn’t worry about their loss that wasn’t really a loss–if they won out, the committee would overlook it.

Yeah, because almost losing (since it shouldn’t have counted per his logic) to the Chippewas is actually better than winning by 24 on the road, against what many people though was the best team we would face in conference before the championship.

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And that sums it up nicely. I’m going to quote you on Twitter. If you have time read the posted comments to this article. They ate this guy alive and most of the comments were from non-UH people. At least someone’s paying attention.


I am EECOOG69…and I approve this article !!

Stay tuned though.

Remember, we’re all (or at least mostly) HOPING that OU beats OSU. That would definitely be a “quality” Big 12 win, and moreover, a win we need to help cement our playoff contention.

Well, that, AND Louisville over Florida State.

Rice about to take the lead over Baylor. Post-Briles Baylor is going to be bruuutal.

What the B12 needs to do is add Houston as a replacement team for someone of the B12 teams and not as additional team



Big 12 looks awful. Not a single team can play defense. Not sure any of the team’s deserve to be ranked in the Top 25 right now.

USF, Navy, and Memphis all deserve to be ranked compared to the crap from the Big12.

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