Big 12 Homecoming Event

Wasn’t that getting started today? Did anyone hear about how it went? It seems odd that there isn’t much being shown about it.

Marketing athletic events doesn’t seem like UH’s strong point.

Yes, this game is supposed to be a citywide event with concerts, etc.

I saw a few posts on Twitter. Not announcing events but commentary about some of the things already happening.

Duarte mentioned old people doing something with Paul Wall.

I was looking for the stuff but I don’t remember where I saw it and I can’t find it anymore. That’s a problem if I got back a weeks worth of post and can’t find the event timeline or details for the swimsuit panel or the other stuff.

Apparently they had a big Big 12 kickoff event last night- did anyone even know about it?

Hall of Honor inductions and , yes , it was sold out.


Amazing how last week’s pathetic performance killed so much excitement for this week’s supposedly historic event. smh

Saw Yormark was there too

And maybe TCU losing to Colorado helped dim the light? TCU should have beaten Colorado but…