Big 12 info from AD Hunter Yurachek

I was at the Men’s Basketball 50/50 member meeting at Brooklyn Athletic Club tonight.Mr. Yurachek started the meeting with some comments and before anyone could ask about Big 12 expansion, he made a statement regarding the status of the situation.

He said that on Monday the Big 12 will meet in Dallas regarding possible expansion.

Mr. Yurachek said in his opinion,and he was quite strong and certain, that the Big 12 will make a decision whether to expand or not expand on Monday night. He said reports that the Big 12 will delay and postpone and/or kick the can down the road will not happen. So Monday we should know what will happen. He did not give any indication if U of H would be one of the candidates chosen if expansion were to occur.

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Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated. This may seem like a silly question, but what was the vibe you got from him when he made his comments?

At least the Big 12 question will be put to bed one way or another.

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His vibe was professional and neutral. Neither positive or negative.

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A light at the end… either daylight or we are about to get rammed

Just about all he can say operating under the NDA they’ve signed with the conference. We’ll see on Monday

Based off all the reports, he probably doesn’t know. Sounds like all sides are going into this meeting with their own agendas. If they can come together and compromise, something will get worked out. If certain sides are stubborn (ahem…OU), then there will be no expansion.

I hold out hope that they will expand; just makes too much sense on a number of levels.

The best way to to keep an NDA safe is to inform the least amount of people. I am convinced that it includes A.D’s.

Packed house and Coog win tonight. Headed down with a bunch of Dallas fans.

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