Big 12 Media Days 2024 | Willie Fritz @ 3PM

UH Attendees

  • HC Willie Fritz
  • OL Tank Jenkins
  • DB Latrell McCuthin Sr.
  • LB Jamal Morris
  • QB Donovan Smith


I think Smith will rep the university well at Media Day.


Viva Las Vegas


I expect to hear updates regarding Private Equity as well as an update to the naming rights situation from Yormark

Will be interesting…

Seems to be he wouldn’t address any of those questions.

Re the first question (will there be more expansion?), he might say something like one never knows but you have to be ready if it does.

But nothing on the rest of them.

Imagine bringing a punter lol


Yormark doin work putting that in the sphere.


What did he say?

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We are up tomorrow

Willie is live at 3pm

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What the hell is Prime thinking… :rofl:

Cincy did it, too… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Coogs in da house for B12 Media Day.

a couple of things to note from Brett Yormark’s media days appearance.

  1. Quote “I will not stop until we are the Number 1 conference in America.” This could be just PR talk, but given that he acknowledges that the Big 12 right now isn’t Number 1 but is a goal, he clearly is not settling for mediocrity.
  2. Quote “We have solidified ourselves as one of the top THREE conferences in america.” Speaks for itself… he knows what’s coming.
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Audio interview with KSL sports

2024 Big 12 Media Days | Willie Fritz, Head Coach | Houston Cougars (

Fritz walked to class in the rain to make sure players were attending class and had their grades up. Tank Jenkins said he knew that things were real serious then. He said now everybody on the team cares more about grades and are striving to make straight As. That’s awesome to hear but shows just how bad the culture was with the other guy.


Media day on ESPN U. Just got finished with Baylor we are up I believe after aUCF

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Has Fritz’s gone yet? All I see is the Zona coach talking

So did i miss it? UA coach was supposed to be last at 3:20 but he’s on at 3

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I guess we were pushed back to last

He was just on. Did a fine job. Donovan as well.

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