Big 12 money over AAC money

Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t it still be more beneficial to go into the B12 to get as much money as possible until media rights negotiations again in 2025 - and even then if B12 adds schools like Houston, Cincy, Memphis, UCF and possibly BYU we could easily get double what we are getting now in the AAC?

Wishful thinking but if the above scenario happens that is a way better football league than PAC 12…


I doubt the remaining Big 12 members are going to share any of that money with others.

They will milk it as long as they can and try to expand at the end of the current agreements. If that doesn’t work, they’ll all bail out and try to find the best available conference.


Man… They can take the Big 12 and shove it.


I hate this take. If realignment happens again (PAC/BIG/ACC) being in a league with the little 8 and the top AAC/MWC teams and beating them would be a huge selling point.


They didn’t want to share with us before, multiple times… Why would we trust them as conference mates ever!?


Because you might not have much of a choice. Would you rather be a left behind? Because that’s the most likely option.


There is no such thing as Big 12 $money after 2024.


I doubt any AAC school that joins the Big XII is going to get a full share of the payout either. Maybe 1/4 share. four schools, one additional share to pay out. So you join in 2023, get a partial payout for 2 years and then hope and pray that you get a better payout for 2025 moving forward?

That isn’t an assured statement. It is not only possible, but probable that their contract is renegotiated and the BigXII remains a conference in some form.

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Would you rather play OkSt, Tech, TCU, KSt, Kansas, Baylor, and Iowa St; or SMU, Tulane, Tulsa, Temple, USF, and ECU if you’re any of the top teams in the AAC?


That’s a tough one. I actually would rather play the leftovers in B12 as a fan. From a business standpoint, does it makes sense to not take equal share? No, but would my alma mater be making more $$ than now? Even for only a short time, since that conference is likely disbanding in 2024? At least, we could say that we will have been in a better conference than the liquidated AAC and have better status for a Power choice picking.

But, this is moot unless uta and sooner leave next year, or any year before 2024.

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Why would you give choices that doesn’t include Memphis, Cincinnati, UCF and Houston? :thinking:.

I’d rather play Tech, Oklahoma State, and West Virginia adding them to the above schools.

False choice.

That move isn’t going to fly with the networks most likely we are in an age of consolidation and shedding dead weight. The dead weight of the AAC is way worse dead weight than the dead weight of the leftovers.

So the goal of the networks would be to move the top of the AAC with the leftovers. Taking the AAC value to CUSA levels and redistributing that upward to more valuable brands.

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Because those are the schools that would presumably go with Houston to the big 12. I think it is well-established that the big 12 schools are not coming to the AAC, because of the money and exit fees and TV payments until 2025.

Put ECU in Iowa State’s place for the past 20 years and vice versa. Who would be the deader weight?

It’s all about the future, competition and potential.

What do they have after 2025 (if they make it that far) if those 4 schools stay put? Who exactly has the upper hand?

Again, it depends on those 4 schools (staying together), not the other way around.

Also, if just one more school leaves (Kansas, Iowa State, West Virginia), then what?

Is AAU and a much more desirable school for a conference.

What did we have after the Big East. They have the ability to be able to negotiate a new contract with more valuable properties than the AAC

Then we still go, because the properties are more valuable than the ones in the conference we are currently in.

Long story short, if the Irate 8 call Renu and Tilman, the answer will be yes please and thank you. Too many people are waaaay overestimating Houston, Cincinnati, Memphis, and Central Florida’s position.


Desirable how? AAU status is slightly overrated as Nebraska has shown.

Is Alabama AAU? Clemson? LSU? Oklahoma? Notre Dame?

Rice and Tulane are AAU. How about them? If AAU is so desirable, then B1G better snap up Iowa State and Kansas before someone else does.

It’s about interest and that interest is magnified by match ups. The leftovers owe a lot of their interest to Oklahoma and Texas. The top AAC teams have had similar interest, if not better than the leftovers (think rankings and NY6) without having to suck on anyone else’s teat.

I haven’t even mentioned geography or enrollment sizes.

I’m pretty sure the TV suits realize this as well.

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Isn’t it possible that the current big 12 contract is null and void if ut and OK are not in the big 12 !!

I.e, maybe there are NO exit fees !!