BIG 12 Options

If OU and Texas leave the Big12. Who would the Big12 pick up? I say objectively that SMU and Cincinnati would be the best options. As much as I love UH we just don’t have the same fans as UT or TAMU neither does smooo. We gambled on Dana and he has not been able to win thus far. That is after the Applesauce disaster while Smu has had sustained on the field success with Dykes. Thoughts?

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I just don’t understand the enamor over SMU lol


One thing I’m almost 100% on in this whole thing is UH > SMU for realignment


Tcu might block smu since they are in Dallas. Espn will say you need to recapture the Houston market.

I’m not that optimistic about UH getting in.

If I were SMU I would be despondent right now. Maybe giving the MWC a call.

I think we’ve seen enough over the years to show ESPN likes UH but isn’t going to force a bad fit or doesn’t make financial sense.

This go around I could see ESPN advocating for big 12 to backfill with UH.


What’s funny in an Ironic twist the problem that plagued us getting into the Big 12 (Houston market filled) is now a boon, and it’s now SMU being plagued by the market problem.

Not a chance SMU is picked over UH. Memphis would be the other school to worry about being added along with Cincy (no brainer).


Tcu will block smu bc same market. Espn will say you need Houston back for that market.

It will be our AAC adding teams.

The Big 12 will die.


ESPN would keep UH in the AAC and reserve the Houston market for UT and Aggie advertising. What we need is the new BIG12 to sign a deal with FOX that keeps the media in the Houston market.

The intended UT move and consolidation of the two largest Texas schools virtually makes it impossible for the PAC-12 to penetrate DFW or Houston markets.

Big 12



I have to disagree. The only way the Big 12 dies is if the PAC, BIG and ACC poach the left overs. There’s no indication that will happen. I predict those conferences will stand pat for now which means the remaining 8 programs will need to add at-least 2 schools (likely UH & Cincy). The remaining big 12 schools are above average programs and able to cobble together a respectable reconstituted big 12.

No chance that SMU is more attractive than UH. They have improved in football but that doesn’t make them a more attractive candidate than UH.

Another small private religious school in Texas…NO!

The Big12 already has 2 of those


If UH and Cincy join the Big 12, what we have is a more intriguing schedule with less travel. The money will not be P5 money. OU and Texas were the only reasons the Big 12 had a $37M payout last year.

I’d rather play TCU and Baylor and TT than Tulane, Tulsa and SMU. We’d pick up some marginal TV dollars but not enough to put a dent in our budget overruns.


LOL…So, I’m not the only one enjoying this mess…





I don’t think UH in the Big 12 would hinder those schools from their advertising in Houston though? They already do well in the Houston market.


A good read w 5 immediate steps and 5 future scenarios.

“get busy living and make plans for existence after betrayal.”

"Four quads of four members. Here is an example of possible membership.

East: West Virginia, Cincinnati, Central Florida, South Florida.

Big Eight: Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Kansas, Iowa State.

Texas: Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU, Houston.

West: BYU, Boise State, Nevada, Colorado State."

-IMO Take out Nevada, insert UNLV.

No SMU. 1st in if KU and/or ISU gets poached?
2nd in = Memphis.