Big 12 / Pac 12 / B10 Expansion Thread

I wouldn’t either though if I had my druthers the Big 12 would stay away from Wazzu and Oregon State.


I couldn’t count with my own hands how many “sources say” media outlets made during the first round of alignment

It’s all speculation


BYU’s average attendance is greater than Oregon’s, and barely less than Washington’s.

Its brand isn’t far off, and it probably has a bigger national “subway alumni” following than either OU or UW.


We have to think in this theatre of panic that the ACC could go after WVU and maybe even Cincy and UCF


Welcome to the Mountain West Conf ?
Wazzou is Wash State.


If the NCAA folds is the AQ5 contract void?

Problem is ND has no interest in joining the Big 10.

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Maybe the fact that their longest running football rival (USC) would be a conference member will make them rethink that.

They are already a B1G member in hockey.


Not long ago the PAC12 decided not to expand :joy:


Why not go after Stanford or UW? What does Colorado offer other than a sweet road trip game?

Yo let’s apply to the B10 and see what happens, give them a guarantee we will be AAU by 2027, we have their market, their values, we made the first at-home stroke exoskeleton, let’s do it.

Washington and Stanford are most likely going to the Big 10

But if we picked up four of those eight? We’re going to be absolutely set, and wowie what a schedule it will be. We’re not just a solid conference, we’re the first super-conference with a good amount of brands.


Is that you putting 2&2 together or did I miss that in the thread?

Remember when we joined the Big East BCS conference then it all fell apart…


Well… (peep the date)


If Stanford doesn’t get a Big 10 invite, I could see them and Cal Berkeley de-emphasizing big time college football and going FCS or mountain west much like the Ivy League did years ago. They’re already weird granola campuses, and this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. They have minimal fan support, and the demographics of youth football/concussion awareness aren’t in their favor for long term sustainability. I could totally see them being like screw it, we’re high brow institutions of higher learning, and the pac12 was a marriage of convenience and we don’t care that much about continuing the struggle to remain relevant. Then Oregon and UW go to Big 10, Arizona, ASU, Colorado, and Utah to the Big 12, Oregon state and Washington state to the MWC, and that’s all she wrote for all the history of the Pac 8/10/12 and the Granddaddy of Them All

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I think that is exactly what is about to happen.

If the other California schools were going to the B1G they would have coordinated with UCLA and USC…they didn’t.

Washington- to the B1G
Oregon- to the B1G

Arizona- to the Big 12
Arizona State- to the Big 12
Colorado- back to the Big 12
Utah- to rhe Big 12

Washington State- to the new PAC/MWC
Oregon State- to the new PAC/ MWC
Stanford- to the new PAC/ MWC
CAL- to the new PAC/MWC


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