Big 12 / Pac 12 / B10 Expansion Thread

Hatred of ______ is fine, but don’t let it get the better of you. Frank Broyles the Arkansas AD is on record saying that the move was all about money. They got a check for $6M the day they joined the SEC, and weren’t too pleased with having to payout a lot of money to the small SWC programs when they visited Arkansas but getting a pittance in return, when Arkansas visited them.

and how well has that worked out for them(Arkansas)?

I’m sure that they have laughed all the way to the bank!


They have the money but have lost out on success and relevance. Is that not the end goal?


Well, it’s like Rutgers.

The B1G hasn’t really made them relevant in football.

But they are perfectly cool with being irrelevant…AND rich!!!


Yes but they were already irrelevant! Not so Arkansas

It was also a much bigger prestige jump going from AAC to B1G - and in a time of move up or die that all smaller conference teams are worried about now.

Arkansas has always been relatively safe from having to worry about being left behind

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Frank Broyles also said that the only reason Arkansas was looking for another home was that Arkansas knew that Texas and A&M were looking to move. He didn’t want Arkansas to be holding the hot potato when those teams left.


Hahaha, no they wouldnt. But dont worry, eventually they will probably be added.

I grew up in Arky. I will tell you the hatred for the univ of ____ is visceral. They despised them and still do.

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I’d be ok adding SDSU IF we get 3 other PAC schools and we have a plan to expand with 4 more ACC schools when the raiding begins, say AZ, ASU, COL + SDSU.

Under that scenario, we can afford to absorb another G5. Better than grabbing another AAC G5

SDSU fits with the new look of the Big 12- large public city schools in important markets.

With that said, the 4 corners is the first option. this is just if/when Utah plays hardball or if we don’t want both Arizona schools.

Then we expand further East with the 4 best ACC schools on the board.

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Curious, but why do you say that? It would not be based on win/loss records.

Sounds like the pac is dragging it’s feet as usual and San Diego st u is frustrated but the big12 isn’t going there soon. This is typical of why the pac sucks. They are so uppity they will sink before doing reasonable adds. So glad we took the big12 route.


Only way I see SDSU is if BigXII does not want to double dip the 30th most populated state.

I agree…why do we need Utah if we already have BYU.

Arizona and Arizona State - yes because that is a more populated state with growth still happening.

San Diego may be the better long term add than Utah.

They are a P5 worthy G5 that has been blocked due to politics, like us.

IF Utah plays hardball…I’d add:

Arizona State

Then 4 Eastern School when the AAC gets raided
Most likely we can pick from:

Notth Carolina State
Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech

We WILL have 8 strong additions to get us to 20

I see a P3 of 3x20 school conferences

If the ACC gets raided by the SEC, who do you think the SEC will take?

We can look it at from a “business anchor” point of view.
Duke and NC for basketball
FSU and Miami to “lock up” Florida
V and VT
That way they control and cement the East Coast.
It also “pushes” the big10 to more of a central time zone conference.