Big 12 Preseason Tip-off


Games won’t count against conference standings

imagine falling 1 game short of the league title despite having an extra big 12 win that doesnt count…

i dont even see the benefit of this at all…


I’m with you. I feel like we have a pretty strong strategic advantage entering into a new conference full of teams that haven’t played us recently (except for secret scrimmages). I’d rather not give yet another conference opponent an early peek at us when it doesn’t count.


interesting… from the full interview video…

they are only considering this becuase no major conference wants to schedule a challenge with us besides the big east…
the other p5 arent interested …

instead of trying to pin big 12 on big 12…

a more creative idea i like is the “Big 12 vs the world challenge”… where we get the best preseason mid majors vs our teams… with gonzaga and st marys permenant additions yearly, then have the best preseason mid majors fill it out the rest… example memphis/fau (aac) boise/new mexico (mwc) dayton/vcu (a10) etc… that would be fun


I don’t mind a Big 12/Big East challenge. Thats good stuff right there.


Well then I say boo hoo hoo

Why don’t we do something like the Crossroads Classic that the schools in Indiana used to do. Have all the Texas schools play non-conference games against one another over a weekend in November or December when Toyota Center is not in use once the Horns go to the SEC.

As long as the matchups are non-conference, it will be early quad one wins for a lot of teams.
We can pick the best 2 AAC Texas teams the previous year and put them into the 8 team pot and do a draw.

UH, Baylor, Tech, TCU (Big 12)

Have the games on Thursday/Friday and Saturday/Sunday to simulate the NCAA Tournament.

The SEC/AAC teams get 2 games vs Big 12 teams to get non-conference quad one wins.

UH vs AAC team on Thursday
UH vs SEC team on Saturday

the sec was the conference name dropped as trying to distance themselves from the big12

up until this year there was a big 12/sec challenge… the sec decided they dont want to that anymore

What is happening at Toyota Center with the DH this season is fine. UH-A&M, UT-LSU. Have a DH at Toyota Center every year. UH and other local/regional teams. No need to bring in Rice SMU, etc

Have a DH among UH, UT, A&M, Baylor, Tech, LSU, Arkansas, Oklahoma

If one year you can bring in a national brand like Duke, UNC, Kentucky, do it

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Kentucky, North Carolina, UCLA, and Ohio State already have the CBS Classic that is held in December and they alternate opponents every year.

Games would be played at neutral sites